FBI searches Trump’s mansion


Former President Donald Trump speaks on the phone from his office in the Florida mansion / afp For the first time in US history, a judge authorizes a police inspection of the home of a former president For the first time in history, a federal judge has authorized the FBI […]

Photojournalism: The News in Images

photojournalism it is more important than ever in this digital world of fake news, photomontages and social networks, where it seems that anyone with a camera in hand is capable of guiding the opinion of many. The rigor, ethics and informative will of press photography is essential to understand the […]

How to Buy ETFs in the UK


ETFs are a popular form of investment because they offer low-risk investments, but choosing the right one requires several components. These assets need to be appropriate for your goals. The vast majority of ETFs are available from just a few providers, including iShares. Below we’ll look at how to buy […]