Zelensky encourages Ukrainians to “go on the offensive”


President Zelenski, in a public speech after Russia invaded the Ukrainian territory. / ef

The president summons them to “fight whenever we have an opportunity” and maintains that Ukrainian society is still “at the top of its spirit”

EP Sunday, 6 March 2022, 02:08

The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has urged the citizens of his country to maintain their resistance and even “go on the offensive” in the cities of the country that Russia “has invaded”. “Ukrainians! Take to the streets. We have to fight every time we have an opportunity », the president pointed out in a video speech published this Saturday night on his official Facebook page.

Zelensky argued that “every meter” of Ukrainian land “gained by the protest and humiliation of the invaders” is “a step forward” towards “the victory of the state.” “It is an opportunity to live,” he pointed out, specifically mentioning the occupied cities of Kherson, Berdyansk or Melitopol.

He also applauded the role of Ukrainian society which, according to the president, “is at the top of its spirit.” “To the maximum of their possibilities, each soldier in the line of defense, each doctor saving lives, (…) each businessman who continues to work (…) millions of people, who have become a whole,” he said. .

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He also wanted to praise the attitude of the Ukrainian people during this war that has now passed its tenth day, because “they shout at the occupiers to go home”, pushing the Russian troops “out of our territory”.

Finally, the Ukrainian president addressed the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, telling their citizens that “if the Russians have not erased your memory through propaganda, if your eyes are not closed in fear, fight, for your rights, for your freedom, for Ukraine.”

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