7 Ytmp3 cc alternatives to convert online videos to mp3 right away


Online video converters are extremely useful and have almost become a must need, given how most of the video streaming platforms do not allow direct downloads. From saving videos on your phone to extracting the audio of your favorite videos for multiple uses, online video converters act as the blessing required in the times of online streaming. Ytmp3 was a popular name in the online video converter that converts any video into an MP3 format within seconds for free. But, ever since the Ytmp3 cc website got closed, there came the need to find the best ytmp3.cc alternative.

Top 7 sites like ytmp3 (best alternatives)

Listed below are the 7 best similar websites like ytmp3 with their pros and cons discussed so that you choose the best according to your own requirements.

1. Free Online Converter

Freeonlineconverter competitor - ytmp3

While listing the best ytmp3 alternatives, the Free Online converter is first on the list. It is a simple online converter tool that allows you to download any Youtube Video in MP4 or MP3 format.

All you need is the Youtube video URL to paste it on the website and click on convert. Once the conversion of the video is completed, click on Download to download the MP3 format of the selected Youtube video. You can also download it in MP4 format. Just select the Youtube to MP4 option on the screen and follow the same procedure.


  • Simple
  • Superfast
  • No Advertisement disturbance and unnecessary redirects
  • Free


  • Supports only Youtube
  • No in-built search system
  • Quality cannot be selected

Have you downloaded your favorite song on YouTube yet? Try Now!

Visit website – https://www.freeonlineconverter.net

2. 123convert

Another simple to use online converter tool that does not bother you with multiple ad redirects. It is a helpful tool that allows you to take your favorite video or music offline with just a click. Absolutely free, 123convert, one of the Best ytmp3 cc alternatives also allows you to select preferred quality before download. 

It not only helps you to download audio and videos from any platform, using only their link, like any other sites similar to ytmp3,123convert too is capable of converting Youtube videos to MP3 format.


  • Free
  • Fast
  • Search on website
  • Videos from any website can be downloaded
  • No redirects
  • Download quality is customizable


  • Only YouTube videos can be converted to MP3 format.
  • Links from other platforms are not supported for MP3 conversion but can be downloaded.

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Visit website – https://www.123convert.to


ytmp3 alternative - offmp3

Available on Android, OFFMP3 is simple to use online video converter or rather an extractor made with 9xBuddy. Though it claims to support Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram along with YouTube, it fails to support all these types of links. OFFMP3 can help you download your favorite YouTube videos in MP3, MP4 and MP4a formats. Also, if the video has subtitles then being an extractor along with being one of the similar websites like ytmp3, you can download the subtitles too on the website.


  • Free
  • In-built search option
  • Multiple format conversion
  • Quality selection available


  • False claims in terms of supporting websites
  • Redirects
  • Lengthy and slow (comparatively)

While the world is busy wasting data for songs, save your data for a game. Try a conversion now & go offline.

Visit website – https://offmp3.com



It is a non-complicated tool to quickly covert a YouTube video using its URL. Simply copy and paste the link on the given space, select the format and convert. In the next tab, you will need to wait for the process of conversion to complete and then click on Download to quickly start the download.


  • Free
  • Chrome extension available
  • Multiple formats available for conversion like MP3, MP4, MP4HD, AVI, AVIHD
  • User-friendly


  • Ads and Redirects
  • No in-built search
  • Only supports YouTube
  • Size or quality cannot be selected

Windows, Linux or Mac, whatever your OS be, use FLVTO to build your playlist by quickly converting your favorite YouTube Music Videos.

Visit website – https://www.flvto.biz/en7/

5. convert2mp3

In the list of similar websites like ytmp3 next up is, convet2mp3 has a simple and clean interface and can be used on any device for free, be it your computer, phone or tablet. One of the best ytmp3 alternatives, convert2mp3 can download any YouTube video of up to 2hours length super quick. 


  • User-friendly
  • Fast
  • Free


  • Supports only Youtube
  • Size & Quality cannot be selected
  • Only one format conversion available

If complications and too many features annoy you then head to convert2mp3 for the quickest conversion of YouTube videos. Best for the urgent times.

Visit website– https://convert2mp3.club/

6. Mp3 Youtube

Website similar to convert2mp3

Fast and simple user-interface always deserves a mention. One of the sites similar to ytmp3, Mp3 Youtube is only a video to Mp3 converter tool, the website doesn’t convert a video file in multiple formats neither can you choose from quality options. Yet, the website is easy to use, supports many websites and superfast with the results.


  • User-friendly
  • Fast
  • Free
  • Supports 1000+ websites
  • No ad disturbance


  • Size & Quality cannot be selected
  • Supports only one format conversion

In the flight and ready to take off with no songs on your device? Convert your YouTube playlist into MP3 in seconds. 

Visit website- https://mp3-youtube.download/

7. YoutubeMp3


Last in the list of the best ytmp3 alternatives is YoutubeMp3 that allows you to search for YouTube videos on the website itself that can be selected to straightaway convert into an MP3 file and download quickly.


  • In-built YouTube search
  • Free


  • Supports only Youtube
  • Only one format conversion available
  • Size selections, not available

Search and convert YouTube videos, quick and free. Try Now!

Visit website – https://www.youtubemp3.today/

All the above-mentioned websites are good for school projects, cultural functions and more.

QNA related to Ytmp3 alternatives

Q- Is converting online youtube videos to mp3 safe?

Ans- From the standpoint of legalities, converting youtube, facebook, Instagram videos to mp3 is safe as long as you’re not taking copyrighted material and selling it others.

Q- Is Ytmp3 safe?

Ans– Yes, it is safe. Quora can give you more info, Click here


Unlimited data is still a luxury to many and what remains a common problem is network issues while traveling. The above list mentions all the ‘ytmp3 alternatives‘, your all-in-one solution that fixes the problem converting videos from not just YouTube but from other platforms as well into MP3. Some of the sites similar to ytmp3 even allow conversion into various formats like MP4, MP4a, MP4HD, AVI, etc. Now, keeping your phone offline ready is not a problem, loaded with your favorite songs on YouTube, thanks to the free online tools such as the best ytmp3 alternatives. 

Are you Offline ready with the best ytmp3.cc alternatives?

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