Young inventors 4.0 are born at the Young Makers School


An online school for children aged 7 to 14 that intertwines design, information technology and new digital manufacturing technologies.

3D programming and printing courses and workshops, fun and practice to bring young people closer to Steam matter (Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) thanks to a playful-creative approach. This is the proposal of the Young Makers School (YMS) offered by Makers Hub, a creative workshop where you design, build and learn, a space organized in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano which for several years has established itself as a partner of development for businesses and a place for training and innovation for students and enthusiasts.

The startup, born in Milan in 2016, has become part of the ecosystem of LifeGate Way, the subsidiary of the group that aims to create a network of sustainable startups with a focus on open innovation. The fact of working transversally with boys and girls and also passionate about technical-scientific subjects through a playful path such as that of the Young Makers School, offers enormous potential to reduce the gender gap in the long term and to make the choices of direction that boys and girls will make in due course regarding faculties and specialties more balanced.

YMS to make the teaching of more abstract science subjects practical © Makers Hub

What is the Young Makers School and how does it work

As the representatives of the startup explain, the “maker”, to whom the name refers, is the figure closest to themodern inventor that we can imagine. For this reason, the Young Makers School puts technologies, analogue and digital together, at the service of the creativity of the youngest, to encourage the development of innovative projects and the creation of customized digital products.

“Our model focuses on fun and practice to bring the very young closer to technical-scientific subjects that are often wrongly judged as difficult and complicated”, says Stefania Cavallo, head of the education area of ​​Makers Hub; mother and maker, she is the face of her who accompanies the children in the video lessons.

“Through these teachings we help children to develop fundamental skills for their training ”, continues Cavallo. In this way, in fact, boys and girls find themselves applying the formulas and procedures they learn in the school environment in a playful and creative context, thus making teaching more experiential and practical, especially as regards the more scientific subjects. abstract such as mathematics, geometry or logic.

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How to access the service

Young Makers School courses are available on the website in different solutions and with packages that cover topics such as 3D printing, laser cutting, programming. Pre-recorded lessons allow children to flexibly access the teaching of digital fabrication technologies from home, and some packages offer live video lessons.

After years of YMS courses being taken to schools, the pandemic situation forced the organizers to move online. However, the approach remains laboratory and very practical and at the end of the courses the students take them home concrete results. Literally, given that the students of the 3D printing course have their printed models delivered at home, while the students of the programming course are left with the video games they have designed themselves.

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