Xbox Game Pass just got better – but can you see the difference?

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Microsoft is continuing to work on the Xbox Game Pass and has now presented an upgrade for one of the best features of the gaming service: The Clarity Boost is intended to turn the graphics, but the differences are not that easy to spot at first glance.

Cloud gaming is one of the top features built into Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft is now turning the graphics screws and trying to improve the visual performance when streaming . For this purpose, the company has now presented the Clarity Boost – but the leap in quality is quite subtle.

Xbox Game Pass: Clarity Boost for better stream graphics

The Clarity Boost feature is intended to spice up the graphics of cloud gaming with the Xbox Game Pass and, in particular, to display textures in a more detailed and realistic manner . According to the official Xbox blog post, the graphics boost is activated by the browser – and so it is at least initially only available on Microsoft's Edge Canary browser. It has not been announced whether the function will also be available in the future for Chrome, Firefox and other providers. (Source: Xbox)

The company announced the new feature in an official Xbox blog post, sharing a screenshot from Gears Tactics for comparison . The difference between the left image without Clarity Boost and the screenshot on the right is really minimal. The improved textures only really become apparent when you zoom in. In the details, however, the beard and forehead in particular actually look a little more detailed.

Screenshot comparison with Gears Tactics

Cloud gaming: Microsoft continues to work on technology

Even if the leap through the Clarity Boost does not seem particularly big at first glance – and may be even more difficult to see when playing with moving images – the announcement makes it clear that Microsoft is continuing to fully rely on the expansion of cloud technology .

If you want to try out the new function, all you have to do is download the Edge Canary Browser and check that it is at least version 96.0.1033.0. Then you can call up Xbox Cloud Gaming via your browser and activate the Clarity Boost in the other settings. Incidentally, the feature is to be rolled out for all Microsoft Edge users from 2022.

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Microsoft continues to fully rely on the cloud gaming feature with the Xbox Game Pass and is rolling out a graphics upgrade for the streaming function with the Clarity Boost. However, the visual improvement can only be seen with the naked eye at second glance.

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