Would you like to have a photography tutor? Introducing “PhotoTutor”


Many of you have asked me what the FotoTutor section that is included as part of our new platform consisted of. BdF MAX.

Photographer’s Blog is read by hundreds of thousands of readers every day. I love sharing information, and teaching photography is one of the things that I am most passionate about, but when someone sends me an email with a query, I receive so many queries that unfortunately it is materially IMPOSSIBLE for me to attend to all of them.

This reality is very harsh and happens every time I publish a new article or send an email to my VIP Readers.

Until now I was content to publish information that could be useful to as many readers as possible, either here on the blog, or by mail to my VIP Readers, but the thing was there.

If you read the mail and you were left with doubts, or you wanted to put the advice into practice, you had to find life on your own.

Mainly for this reason, we came up with the idea of ​​creating FotoTutor, a private space where you can communicate with me 1 to 1, and where you can ask me all your doubts, questions and concerns.

Through FotoTutor, you will have a photography tutor (myself or a tutor from my team) who you can turn to whenever you need support.

That you want to buy a camera and you don’t know where to start? You enter, you open the consultation in FotoTutor and we try to give you a personalized recommendation of a camera for your specific case.

Don’t know what lens to buy? PhotoTutor.

Do you want to take a certain photo and need someone to frame or guide you? PhotoTutor.

Have you taken a photograph and would you like someone to review it and tell you what aspects you could improve on it next time? PhotoTutor.

Here I leave you a screenshot with some of the PhotoCritics that current BdF MAX subscribers have been asking me for.

By the way, I find the reaction of users after receiving their photo criticism very gratifying (I usually try to record them on video). This type of exercise gives people an incredible boost, and that’s exactly what we want to achieve with BdF MAX.

I have spent more than 12 years trying to contribute my grain of sand in terms of photographic dissemination, with more success or less success. FotoTutor is, to date, the closest and most human way in which I have been able to interact with people.

FotoTutor is just one of the many advantages that subscribers have access to in BdF MAX. If you are not yet part of the BdF MAX community, take a look here, you will find all the information you need.

I hope to see you inside BdF MAX.

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