Women’s Arsenal launches the new Crosscycle activity developed together with Fit4Life


Women's Arsenal launches new Crosscycle activity, developed in partnership with Fit4Life

For the development of the activity with the implemented system, the Arsenal Group has relied on Fit4Life to train the technical team of its facilities.

(28-6-2022). The Arsenal Group has launched a new concept of boutique-style directed activity, developed together with the Fit4Life team, and which receives the name of Crosscycle, in its Arsenal Feminine centers in Madrid and Barcelona.

Crosscycle is a 45-minute HIIT activity that combines indoor cycle cardiovascular training with functional strength work. This class alternates intervals of training on the bike and intervals of strength training, with short recovery periods. The entire session takes place to the rhythm of the music, and is complemented by live and on-screen monitoring of the heart rate of the participants, which helps to better achieve the objectives set in the session, and to control that this is a class safe.

Being a high-intensity interval exercise (HIIT), in Crosscycle you get results quickly: an increase in metabolic rate and bone density; a high caloric burn (even after the session), with its consequent reduction in body fat, but maintaining muscle mass; an improvement in endurance and aerobic capacity, and sports performance in general, etc.

For the development of the activity with the implemented system, the Arsenal Group has relied on Fit4Life to train the technical team of its facilities. Likewise, the distributor and provider of fitness services has equipped both Arsenal Women’s centers with Stages SC3 indoor cycle bicycles from the Stages Indoor Cycling brand, the Aplifit Play system, and YBells Arc for strength training.

The Stages SC3 bikes are especially suitable for the Crosscycle, both for its SprintShift™ lever with quick macro-adjustment of resistance, as well as for its stability and robustness, among other characteristics. The SprintShift™ resistance lever has 3 positions, which allow for a quick change of intensity with a single touch, ideal for quick changes of intensity for intervals and recoveries typical of HIIT. In addition, the solid structure of these bikes allows pedaling at maximum intensity with total firmness, safety and comfort.

More features

Heart rate monitoring through Aplifit Play allows you to follow the interval structure of the Crosscycle session live on a screen, reflecting how each client is adjusting to their %HR target through their individual heart rate monitors. Subsequently, thanks to the system’s mobile app, Arsenal subscribers can track their results after each session, see their evolution, and share it with the club community, create challenges with other users, etc.

In addition to the Crosscycle, the combination of both pieces of equipment will also serve to elevate the experience offered in the Arsenal Women’s Barcelona and Madrid Indoor Cycle classes, which will now be based on power training. These sessions will now also be monitored through the Aplifit Play solution, in this case by linking with the StagesPower™ direct measurement power meter (which comes standard on Stages Indoor Cycling SC3 bikes). In addition to this, the room will be even more versatile, since through Aplifit it will also offer virtual Indoor Cycle sessions during off-peak hours.

For the implementation of this new concept of intelligent cycling, Fit4Life has also carried out training on power training in an indoor cycle in both centers. This concept of rooms with monitoring and gamification is one of the main products offered by Fit4Life, and has already been successfully implemented with large operators such as Clubs DiR, Inacua, or Metropolitan, among many others.

The Arsenal Group centers, founded in 1982, belong to the segment of luxury gyms and are located in distinguished areas of the cities of Barcelona (Sarrià and Sant Gervasi neighbourhoods) and Madrid (Salamanca neighbourhood). Its three clubs are located in unique buildings designed for sports, with first class facilities, complementary services and a careful social club.

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