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Worldwide, buildings are the largest energy consumers, representing 40% of current demand; In addition, they are responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, so the use of technology applied to energy efficiency plus the contribution of renewable energies will allow us to solve major environmental problems.

By Ricardo Reyes

Mexico City.- It is time to bring to the discussion the importance of the development and application of technology for the preservation of the environment. It is estimated that today, worldwide, 80% of the energy we consume comes from fossil fuels; which are the main source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Given this scenario, it is essential to carry out actions that allow us to develop alternative and sustainable solutions to make energy consumption and production efficient. One of them is the use of renewable energies such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass or geothermal.

Currently, it has been shown that these can meet the demand required worldwide. However, despite being a viable solution, its consumption represents only 13%. Even though it is estimated that by 2050 its progress will be 30%, the reality is that without a structure that allows us to make it efficient, this will not be enough.

The technology applied to energy efficiency plus the use of renewable energies allows us to solve major environmental problems. The importance of energy efficiency translates mainly into caring for the environment, reducing the impact on the planet in search of a sustainable world. It is about doing more with less; squeeze as much energy as possible and not let it go to waste, properly using the energy resources that an industry needs to function without harming access to natural resources.

An example of this are buildings, which are the largest energy consumers worldwide, representing 40% of current demand; furthermore, they are responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. How to reduce your carbon footprint? To this end, companies such as Veolia, a benchmark in efficient resource management, seek to provide solutions to industries so that they can produce green energy through renewable alternatives or alternative sources, such as geothermal energy, biomass, thermal recovery, heat recovery and cogeneration.

With the ESaaS solution (Energy Saving as a Service) have developed an advanced technology tool, with which it is possible to monitor the consumption of water and energy in real time, through intelligent performance and monitoring centers called Hubgrade. With the services of the Hubgrade and expert evaluation, energy efficiency is promoted, water conservation measures are applied, the use of renewable energy is maximized and carbon emissions are reduced.

The Hubgrade is a proven model in the world, a successful reality in the 5 continents applied on 20 thousand installswith a total of 300 thousand connected sensors in 35 centers Where do they work over 100 analysts full-time. And it is precisely here where the two worlds come together: technology and experts who analyze and know how to act to correct energy deviations. Through the digitization of services, they have been guaranteed by contract tangible cost savings for customers, which can range from 8 to 40% depending on the state of the facilities.

In turn, energy efficiency contributes to the mitigation of negative impacts on the planet in cities. Recently, the company, in partnership with Toulouse, France, developed an innovative, high-impact solution applied to street pavers that consists of injecting water that evaporates to the surface, cooling the ground temperature by between 10 and 15°C and that of the air up to 8°C.

In short, energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective ways to combat climate change. Supporting its implementation contributes to improving competitiveness, saving costs and promoting the circular economy.

Ricardo Reyes is Director of Business Development and Marketing at Veolia Mexico

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