Why Website Migration SEO is the Best Course of Action


Website migration is an undertaking that offers a lot of potential to businesses. During migration, a website goes through a change of technology or setup, often in its content, design, structure, and platform. While website migration SEO is also considered a problem-solving necessity, you must have valid reasons to go into this route.

Reasons for Going the Migration Route

As a website owner, you may be facing various issues, wherein migration is the best solution. The following are the most common reasons to move your website to a different domain:

  • Move to a new CMS

If your site has an obsolete platform, it can have a negative impact on your visitors and a limiting factor for you, resulting in profit loss. Carefully analyze if using a new content management system and a different technology are suitable for you. No site is the same so make sure it is the best option, as you are looking for a specific approach to improve your current setup.

  • Move to a different server

If the performance of your server or the condition of your hosting is not giving you the desired results, you may think of transferring to another host. Dedicate some time to find the ideal host for you to avoid moving from a bad situation to another problematic one.

Change the design, navigation, or structure of your site. You do not rework your website on a whim. If the appearance of your site or customer journey is making your sales or conversions weaker, make sure you have proof of it by excluding architecture or design-related factors.

  • Add a mobile version

There is an immense ratio of traffic between desktop and mobile platforms. In these modern times, Google greatly considers mobile-first indexing. Even though you want to optimize your website for mobile platforms, do an assessment first regarding the preferences of your target audience. Also, look for the right balance of cost-to-benefit when building a mobile-based experience for your audience.

  • User journey design

If you have someone working on your website, there will be changes to the user journey and the layouts of your site. These changes must not affect your organic search traffic. Remember that any changes, even simple ones could have a significant impact on the user experience.

  • Change your domain name

The decision to switch to another domain name could be due to a variety of reasons, such as having a better URL or rebranding. As with any reason for website migration SEO, take this matter seriously as it is a big decision to make.

  • Transition to HTTPS

Using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure on your site is crucial from the viewpoint of security. If your website does not have HTTPS, the browsers will display a pop-up warning about your unsecured page; thus, affecting the user experience. You may begin with those pages that have personal information of the users if you do not need to migrate your entire site to HTTPS.

Basic Guidelines of Website Migration

A vital thing you need to do is inform your uses about your migration. As you work on the essential process and follow instructions to a tee, you may face some blunders along the way. With this, it helps if your audience receives a heads-up.

You can conduct a test sample of the new site location first, instead of transferring the entire site at the same time. Migrate your site one at a time as soon as you see that it is working perfectly. Also, do not combine several migrations in one move. So, if you want to redesign the architecture of your site, transfer to another host, or update your domain name, do theme one at a time.

If possible, migrate your site when the traffic is low. Doing this can lessen the impact in case a problem arises. Also, GoogleBot will be able to crawl and index the new domain much faster if there is a decrease in server load.

Keep in mind that website migration SEO involves careful planning as well as lots of trials and errors. While you hope for great results, you must also be prepared for anything if something goes wrong. If you work with an SEO agency to aid with your site migration, it is best to use one right at the start, preferably at the planning stage and not during or after the migration process. This is because this kind of move comes with some risks of organic coverage and traffic loss. It pays to have digital marketing professionals on your side.

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