Why Hisense televisions conquer Spain


Over time, while some brands are disappearing, others settle in salesBeyond paradigmatic cases, such as Xiaomi, there are Chinese firms that are beginning to stand out among Spanish consumers. Hisense is a clear example in televisionsWhat are the specifications of your Smart TVs that are valued by those who buy them?

Not all the manufacturers of the technological products that we use on a daily basis have been with us forever. It is enough to review the case of Xiaomi, which until a decade ago had not penetrated any of the markets in which it is now one of the first options of the public. But it is not the only example and, today, we are witnessing new alternatives that are worth mentioning. Famous for being the supplier of the screens of other more recognized brands, Hisense televisions are lately standing out in Spain.

Indeed, we wanted to dedicate this article to this progress in the technology sector. And how little by little customers adopt new firms, Hisense changing their opinion as they learn about its products. Just take a look at their articles to verify that this could be that “new Xiaomi”.

This will be useful, especially if you are thinking about the possibility of buying a new Smart TV or Smart TV, looking for those basic features that we all expect from this class of devices, which usually work as social centers of homes, with the whole family gathered around them and its contents.

An old acquaintance, with its own catalog

Of course, probably the most suspicious will think that it is too risky to trust a new company. But it’s not like that. Not only because Hisense has extensive experience in other territories, but especially because we ourselves we have interacted with their screens a lot in recent years, although without knowing it.

In fact, Hisense is supplier of the panels used by other more popular companies, such as Samsung. Also Sony or Panasonic, which are among the most demanded by consumers, use these screens.

What has changed is that Hisense, as part of its international expansion, decided to start marketing its products in Spain under its own brand, instead of just supplying its competitors. Surely all this has influenced the buyers who already decide on Chinese for their houses.

Another advantage is, as always when a new company tries to attract the attention of the public in a market where it had no presence, that the quality/price ratio is superior to that offered by most of its rivals. We can understand, then, how slowly opinions about Hisense are improving..

Also, Hisense is a sponsor of a team like Paris Saint Germain, multiple Ligue 1 championand a club where some of the best footballers in the world stand out, such as Leo Messi, Kylian Mbappé or Neymar.

What do Hisense TV users value?

A minimal survey through the different pages that offer the possibility of acquiring products made by Hisense allows us to discover what do users value most about their devices.


As we said previously, Hisense is aware of its current position in the Spanish market, which is why it has lower prices than its products should have, as a way of convincing consumers.

In other words, we are paying less than we should for the quality of the item.


Many of the customer opinions about this firm’s smart TVs emphasize how long they last, how well they withstand the test of time and use. This, even in dwellings inhabited by family groups.

4K Definition

4K playback quality is one of the claims that has been standardized, with more and more audiovisual productions being recorded in this format so that we can appreciate everything in more detail.


More and better connectivity make Smart TVs more advanced solutions for those who install them. Absolutely all recent Hisense televisions have the minimum required connectivity.


The VIDAA user interface, developed by Hisense itself, has fallen very well among users. For the most part, Hisense’s reviews of its operating system are very positive.

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