Who is Zinar Bozkurt, the Kurdish activist arrested in Sweden


Zinar Bozkurt, 26, has lived in Sweden for 8. Kurdish activist, he was arrested and will probably be handed over to Turkey.

That the green light from the Turkey it was known to have a counterpart to the enlargement of NATO to the east. Just as it was known that the people would pay the price Kurdish refugees in the two candidate nations to join the Atlantic Alliance, the Sweden and the Finland. Now, however, we know the name and surname of the first “bargaining chip” that will be handed over to the authoritarian Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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The Kurds in Sweden exchange currency for Stockholm’s entry into NATO

His name is Zinar Bozkurt and he is a Kurdish activist who fled to Sweden when he was little more than a little boy. He was 18 – today he is 26 – and had chosen the Scandinavian nation to escape the political persecutions linked not only to his militancy in pro-Kurdish organizations, but also to his own homosexuality. However, the asylum request was rejected by the Swedish authorities on the basis of a report from Säpothe State Security Service, which he allegedly indicated that Bozkurt was not only engaged with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), Turkey’s main pro-Kurdish political movement.

The boy would also have been challenged for his sympathy for the PKK, considered a terrorist movement by Ankara, and for the Kurdish militias of the Ypg (People’s Protection Unit), which for years have been fighting in Syria against the Islamic State and to defend the population. in the Kurdistan. Bozkurt also had to respond to some posts on social networks in which he cited the resistance against jihadist extremists in the city of For four.

Zinar Bozkurt’s name is not even on the list of Kurds to be extradited

However, the young Kurd was able to spend eight years in Sweden without any problems. Until his arrest, at five in the morning on Friday 19 August, a week before visit planned to Stockholm from Erdogan: a summit focused precisely on the issue of entry into NATO and compliance with the commitments undertaken by the Scandinavian government on the issue of the Kurds.

erdogan turkey KurdsA protest against against Erdogan, in favor of the Kurds © Sascha Schuermann / Getty Images

Now Bozkurt is in his cell, waiting for one probable expulsion to Turkey, where he risks a long prison sentence (at best). This although his name did not even appear in the list of activists Kurds to be extradited, drafted by the diplomacy of the two countries during a summit in Madrid last June.

“Bozkurt risks torture and long detention”

The Kcdk-E, the Kurdish confederation in Europe, has appealed to Sweden not to “sacrifice” activists on the altar of NATO entry: “Bozkurt risks being tortured if he were to be extradited to Turkey. His expulsion would represent one violation of the law Swedish on immigration and international conventions”.

Similarly, the trans-European party Diem25, whose leader is former Greek Economy Minister Yanis Varoufakis, denounced the arrest with harsh words: “This is the price that the Swedish government has agreed to pay in order to join NATO: sell off the Kurdish people. We ask to respect human rights and to free Zinar Bozkurt ”. An appeal relaunched by many on social networks, with the hashtag #StopDeportingZinarBozkurt.

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