Which tool is better to erase objects from photos? We face the magic eraser of the Pixel with Photoshop


One of the most eye-catching tools in mobile photography is the Pixel Magic Eraser.. Artificial intelligence does everything for you. Point out the items you might want to remove, hit a button, and you’re done. Everyone raves about this feature. So we have decided to find a professional rival, Adobe Photoshop. Let’s see who is the best.

Before we begin, I prefer to make two things clear. Magic Eraser is very fast and allows you to do in seconds what can take you longer in Adobe. And it is not the same to see the results of the application and the program on the small screen of your mobile than on a 24″ monitor. When you see everything small, it always seems better. The problem is when you enlarge to 100%.

Clarified these two points let’s start the test. We have chosen four photographs, two from a Sony A7 III, and two from an iPhone 13. With people and objects. Simple and more complex. The idea is to see how the mobile tool and Adobe Photoshop respond with their latest features.

The tool in action

With the magic eraser you can work automatically or manually when you notice that the result is not good. In Adobe Photoshop you have so many tools that you can remove anything without problems (another thing is the time you can dedicate to it and your experience). We will go photo by photo and comment on the results.

the girl on the wall

Pixel Magic Eraser original photography

This is a very simple photograph. The girl is perfectly silhouetted against the sky. The only problem is that she occupies a relatively large space and where she stands she has too great a contrast. As we can see, the Magic Eraser does a great job, but in the part of the steps the result is invented (nothing serious).

magic eraser vs.  photoshop magic eraser vs. photoshop

With Adobe Photoshop, the easiest tool for this is the Spot Healing Brush (J) and slide it with a Size slightly larger than the subject, Hardness always at 100%, Mode>Normal and Type>Content Aware. This way we avoid the problem of contrast change.

the beach boy

magic eraser original photography

In this case we want to leave the boy alone showing his dominance in the middle of the beach. So we remove all the objects, including the mountains from the horizon. In this case the Magic Eraser did not work automatically and we had to select all the objects to remove them. It seems that he is more trained to detect people than objects. But the end result is perfect.

magic eraser vs.  photoshop magic eraser vs. photoshop

In Adobe Photoshop the work is greater, of course. For these adjustments, it is best to always create a new layer, to be able to delete it if something goes wrong and not affect the image. Objects in the arena can be removed just like in the previous case and no trace remains.

But to remove the mountains from the horizon (quickly) I think the best option is the following:

Go to the Selection>Subject menu and save the selection in Selection>Save Selection. Let us not forget that it is in the Channels window. Now, with the Rectangular Marquee Tool, select the entire sky up to the height of the mountains. And with Ctrl+J make a new layer. We go to the menu Edit> Scale according to the content and stretch until we cover them. To finish, we go to the Channels window, Ctrl + click on the channel where the boy’s silhouette is and with the Brush tool (B) in black we paint until the boy recovers his appearance.

The process is much longer, but the result is noticeably better.

Main square

magic eraser original photography

In this mobile photo, the Magic Eraser works flawlessly. Clearly, this is his turf. Instantly, he detects all the figures and eliminates them in the blink of an eye (apparently).

magic eraser vs.  photoshop magic eraser vs. photoshop

For Photoshop it may seem like an impossible mission. But if we know how the tools work there is not so much work to do. The secret is again in the Spot Healing Brush tool. Never forget that you have to work on an empty layer.

magic eraser The direct selection of the Magic Eraser

And the Point Healing Brush changes its behavior depending on the size you mark on it (always a little larger than the object we want to remove) and if it doesn’t work in one direction, try another. I assure you that the difference can be abysmal. The only element that has given problems is the girl in the foreground, which in the end has been solved with three passes (yes, there is no problem to repeat).

The bathroom

magic eraser original photography

Here the Magic Eraser has had to throw in the towel. It is true that it seems simple, but the angle and the fact that there is no recognizable human form have marked the result, which is certainly not good.

magic eraser vs.  photoshop magic eraser vs. photoshop

In Adobe Photoshop it is not easy either, but you just have to do a little trick:

We create the new layer. With the spot correction brush tool we erase the contact lens holder. And now comes the easiest trick. With the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) we select the glasses and the liquid. And with the keyboard cursors we move the selection to a clean area. Now we do Ctrl+J to copy that section and with the Move tool (V) we take it to the area we want to cover. With a layer mask (Layer> Layer Mask> Reveal all) we cover the edges with the Brush (B) in black. And with Clone Stamp (S) we cover the imperfections.

In conclusion

The Magic Eraser tool works very well since we have Google 6, and we can install it on older ones with an APK. It is perfect for situations where people appear. But with objects it is still not perfect.

magic eraser tool failure

We only get one chance with this tool. But with Photoshop, with time and knowledge, we can do wonders and pretend that object was never captured. But if the Magic Eraser fails, there’s little we can do later.

magic eraser tool faults

And it is clear that if we are only going to see it on the mobile screen, the problem will hardly be noticed. If we need more quality, we have two solutions: bet on a program from our computer or repeat the photograph to ensure the perfect shot.

How to have the magic eraser of the Pixel 6 in other Google Pixel

It is clear that in the near future the results will leave us speechless, but at present, this tool has a lot to learn. The artificial intelligence of the future will scan the image, recognize the environment and copy the pieces that people cover with other photographs that are within its image base. What do you think?

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