What’s New In The Update Of Whatsapp Web?


Before starting to discover Whatsapp web, we need to know about the original WhatsApp on smartphones. It is a Voice over IP (VoIP) service that facilitates us to send and receive messages, multimedia content, voice, and video calls through the client application. Whatsapp is available on different platforms like android, IOS, Windows Phone, and Nokia.

Whatsapp web is the mirror or extension of the client application, which allows us to use our messaging app through our PC. It is a very good approach but comes with lesser features than the original WhatsApp client application.

The Initial Version Of Whatsapp Web- Features And Drawbacks:

According to Heatfeed, the initial version was launched by including the option of WhatsApp web in the mobile application in an update released by them. This version was synchronized with the mobile application that means that it mirrors the messages and data from the main mobile device, and there is no change in the parent device data.

The main features of this version are:

  • It worked on the web browser of the PC.
  • Provided support to the send and receive messages and photos.
  • It supports desktop notifications, which can be enabled in settings.
  • Supports typing of messages from the keyboard.
  • No risk to security because login is through QR code, which expires instantly. Hence this ensures a single login at a time.

Drawbacks Of This Version:

  • It supported only the Chrome browser, and if your PC does not support Chrome, then it will not work.
  • There was no facility for sending or receiving videos or documents, and only photos could be transferred.
  • We cannot join or exit any group from this version.
  • Messages cannot be deleted or forwarded in this particular version.
  • Voice cannot be recorded or sent.
  • All the app features not available, and the user has to return to the client application.

Whatsapp Web At Present- Improved Latest Version:

Whatsapp web in its previous versions had many drawbacks and was not performing well. The company improved the features in the regular updates.

Some Of The Improved Features Are:

  • It is supported in most of the browsers available.
  • It has its own application on Microsoft store, from where it can be downloaded and used independently.
  • Support for sending videos, documents, and files.
  • We can easily join or exit any groups from the web version.
  • The new feature of status is also available in the web version.

Drawbacks Of This Version:

  • It does not support video or voice calling.

Setting Up Whatsapp Web:

We can set it up by following these steps:

  • Enter web.whatsapp.com in the URL field of the browser.
  • Scan the QR code, which appears on the screen to log in.
  • By scanning the code, the client application would mirror the PC until it is logged in.

Whatsapp web is just the extension of services of the client application, which gives a bigger screen for viewing and a bigger keyboard for typing. The newer versions are more useful as we can share documents, videos, and photos directly without the phones. Overall, Whatsapp web is a useful approach and can do wonders in further days.

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