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meet the Format of the photos to upload to Instagram It is essential when we do not want our images to be cropped, as a post, as a story or as a video.

But it turns out that if you want to upload your photos or videos to Instagram, it’s not always easy to know what photo format is necessary to do it, which can end up with cropped photos here and there.

In this article we will talk about everything you need to know about the format of photos, videos and reels on Instagram, do you feel like it? Let’s go there.

What is the ideal photo format for Instagram?

You have several options of measurements for instagram both for him image format like for him video format. These will depend on the publication format you choose.

Instagram post format

It is perhaps the one we use the most in our day to day when we want to publish on this social network. As photographers that we are, it is logical ;).

Keep in mind that Instagram posts have several possible post sizes.

Vertical format on Instagram (or portrait): The size of its format for portraits or its most vertical format is 1080 x 1350, which is a ratio of 4:5.Square format on Instagram: Its most common format is square, with proportions of 1080 x 1080 or 1:1.Horizontal format on Instagram (or landscape): Your landscape or landscape publication is sized at 1080 x 566 or 191.1:1.

Try to adapt each type of image to the most suitable format to avoid cropping or stretching the image.

Instagram video format (reels format)

If you want to know what Video format you accept Instagramkeep in mind that from now on they will be uploaded as reel, which is its short video format.

To upload a video or reel to Instagram keep in mind:

The size of the reel will be 1080 x 1920 or a ratio of 9:16 when we are playing it. In the feed, the size will be 1080 x 1350 or 4:5. Video posts can be up to 90 seconds long. Allows you to import audio of videos that we have recorded on the mobile. The videos should not have more than 4 GB. Accepts MOV, GIF and MP4 formats.

here you can see how to create an instagram reel (in English with subtitles available).

Profile photos for Instagram

If you are looking to upload a profile picture for instagram, Keep in mind first of all that the format is round, so the ideal is that you appear centered on the photograph (you or the reason you want to appear on the profile).

It is also important that you keep in mind that the image looks very small in profile, so it is interesting that the subject appears in the foreground, otherwise it will be difficult to distinguish it.

The dimensions optimal for your Profile pictures The minimum will be 180×180, the ideal will be 360 ​​x360, taking into account that the size will vary on different devices: it will occupy 110 x 110 on the mobile, 180 x 180 on the computer, and 40 x 40 in the feed.

graphic format instagram profile

Instagram ad format

The instagram ads appear in the news, stories or “explore” section based on your interests.

For post an ad on Instagram, You can choose between photography, video or sequence.

Ad image size: these are the same sizes and formats that we use to publish a post. Image and video size for Instagram stories: this format is the same as the same content for the other placements. You can upload a single photo or video up to 120s with an aspect ratio of 9:16 and 16:9 to 4:5.Time Lapse: This format can be used square or vertical and can appear in News Feed and the stories. Ad in reels: they must be in vertical full screen.

Format for Instagram stories (stories format)

If instead of a post what you want is upload your photos to storiesthese will have a size of 1080 × 1090 (aspect ratio 9:16) and a weight of less than 30MB.

The instagram stories They will disappear 24 hours after being uploaded.

graphic format instagram stories

Summary table with the measurements on Instagram

I leave you a summary with the main formats for Instagram:

Content typeSize in pixelsInstagram profile photo360 x 360Instagram portrait photo (portrait)1080 x 1350 or 4:5 ratioInstagram landscape format (landscape)1080 X 566 1.91:1 ratioInstagram post (square format)1080 x 1080 ratio 1 :1Instagram reels (video)1080 x 1920 aspect ratio 9:16 Post Instagram stories1080 x 1920 aspect ratio 9:16

What is the best format to post on Instagram?

Both the application and the behavior of the users are constantly changing. Today, the most “successful” format is reels, inspired by the famous Tik Tok videos, which allow you to add images and videos, music, sound effects, emoticons, etc.

You can combine this type of content with Instagram stories, which are also very successful due to their freshness, duration and immediacy, and of course with “lifelong” posts.

How to resize an image for Instagram?

If you need to change the size of your image for Instagram, you can use programs such as Adobe Express that allows you to do it online quickly and easily.

adobe express resize photo instagram

To help you with content creation for all instagram formats (and others), I recommend Canva, which is very complete and easy to use even in its trial version.

Keep in mind that Instagram is constantly evolving, so it is always a good idea to review and update the content that we are going to publish, especially if we want to make a profit by making ourselves known as a personal or professional brand.

Being up to date with possible updates is essential so as not to waste our resources, that is, before preparing the content that we want to publish, it is interesting to check that the sizes, the duration of the videos or the formats are adequate, as well as what format of content is the most successful in this social network.

I hope that this content has been useful to you, if you are looking for information about other formats in other social networksdo not miss our article: Do you know what the ideal image resolution is for the different social networks?

We read in the next article 😉 . Oh, do not forget to share this content if you found it useful.

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