What should I require from any PDF editor to be useful?


As with Word DOCX files, files in Pdf format they are increasingly important in everything related to the office automation sector. For this reason we find a multitude of applications, both free and paid, focused on the use of these specific files.

Thanks to the versatility offered by these PDFs that we are talking about, their regular use extends to both professional and domestic environments or those related to education. The first thing we need to keep in mind is that they are not simple text files. Here we can integrate a multitude of additional elements that greatly enrich the content of the PDF.

But at the same time we must know that these files are not as simple, in general terms, to edit as for example a word document. That is why we have to use specific programs for these editing tasks, since most of them only offer us the visualization function. Perhaps the best known and most used for these tasks is Adobe Acrobat, but we must bear in mind that this is a paid commercial program.

With everything and with it when downloading and installing an application that allows us to edit PDF files, we must take several functions into consideration that should be integrated. Next, we will talk about some of these features that we should necessarily find in any program to edit a PDF.

Ability to modify forms in a PDF

Obviously, an editor for files in this format must offer us the possibility of adding or deleting lines and paragraphs of text. But at the same time we must bear in mind that these files are commonly used to fill out all kinds of forms. This means that the editors of these features must allow us to make all kinds of changes to those documents that contain forms of different formats.

Content marking and removal tools

At the same time PDF editors must offer us different tools for marking and underlining content directly in the program. But that is not all, since we must also find a delete function of texts that also becomes extensible for other contents housed here. We can find various multimedia elements such as photographs or videos that we should be able to eliminate if necessary.

Add digital signatures to the PDF

On certain occasions this type of files in particular are usually used as official documentation for multiple tasks. Therefore, an extremely important element here is being able to use digital signatures that we have the possibility of adding. So much so that any self-respecting editor should offer us this possibility. This way we can officially add digital signatures to our PDF documents to present them later in the corresponding entity.

Compatibility with other office formats

Once we have finished editing these files, sometimes we will need to save them in other office formats. Sometimes we will even be interested in creating a image with that PDF file. Hence precisely the importance of these editors when it comes to offering us some compatibility with other file formats. This way we will have the possibility to save our projects here to use in other applications.

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