What is the legal situation?: App for perspective in the traffic law jungle


What is the legal situation? App for perspective in the traffic law jungle

08/15/2022 3:07 p.m

What is allowed on the road and what is not? How severe is the punishment? There is plenty of information about this on the web. Whether they are correct is another question. First-hand information is available elsewhere.

Fines are a constant issue, after all you are already a road user as soon as you leave the house on foot. As drivers of cars, bicycles, motorcycles or e-scooters, most of them have many other, constantly changing roles in road traffic.

In everyday life, this often provokes questions about what is actually allowed and what is not – or how much this or that administrative offense costs. With its “GdP” app (Android and iOS), the police union wants to provide colleagues with digital tools for use. However, the application can also be used freely by anyone who is interested and offers a lot of useful, modular information.

Helpers in the jungle of administrative offenses

In the patrol helper module, for example, you can find all administrative offenses including offense numbers (TBNR), planned penalties and graphic overviews of what is legally applicable to everything to do with bicycles or e-scooters. Categories such as pedestrians, documents, traffic controls, drugs and alcohol, stopping and parking, traffic signs, accidents, speed or driver’s license make searching and finding easier.

The catalog of facts, which is also integrated into the app, then provides the fine associated with the TBNR, if necessary, points and driving bans that are still due, as well as the associated legal provisions. The catalog can be searched by TBNR or freely by keywords.

Everything about number plates and driving licenses

The city and district search for license plates including a map should also be of interest to some (“What was R again?”). The same applies to the module for determining the required driver’s license class depending on age and vehicle. But the reverse also works: Can you drive that vehicle with this license? For this you need data from the registration certificate of the vehicle.

The regulations on the transport of dangerous goods may also be of interest here and there. However, you can simply ignore all other functions that are not required, from the shift calendar to the GdP news to a module for nautical specialist vocabulary. The professionals are happy about that.

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