What is the AVIF image format?


AVIF is a relatively new image format that comes to revolutionize the internet and our devices with a better level of compression and “freedom”.At present, it is too early to take the leap, but large companies have been preparing for a long time.

The AVIF image format it comes with every intention of replacing JPEG, PNG, GIF and all kinds of other media file formats. Powered by the latest media compression techniques, it promises to be a game changer that can affect everyone, both users and content creators of all kinds.

AVIF image format What is it?

AVIF is an image file format that was developed by the Alliance for Open Media and can be used by everyone. It is possible to store common or still images, as well as animated ones. Everything, with the .avif extension, it is feasible to compress these images with or without loss.

AVIF stands for AV1 Image File Format thanks to its use of AV1 compression. It is seen as a replacement for HEIC (High Efficiency Image Container) which makes use of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding).

AV1 compression will eventually replace the HEVC standard. Because the old HEIC container is based on HEVC, AVIF was able to introduce a new image format that makes use of the newer AV1 compression.

What can we use AVIF for?

Supports high dynamic range (HDR) and standard dynamic range (SDR) content, including the commonly used sRGB and BT.2020 color spaces. It also supports 8-, 10-, and 12-bit color depths, film grain preservation, transparency like any PNG image, and animations like GIFs.

It also has better image quality than a JPEG and maintains smaller file sizes, with fewer image compression and blocking gimmicks. This means that AVIF could help save a huge amount of data, both for websites and for those who visit them.

As of version 85 of Google Chrome, there is already support for AVIF. In the case of Mozilla Firefox, it occurs from version 93 and current versions of the WebKit engine that Safari has.

We also come across a large number of programs that are compatible with AVIF today. The XnView image viewer is also the renowned multimedia player VLC Player, Paint.NET, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Up to full operating systems like Windows 10 and 11, Android, Linux, etc.

Obviously, we are in the “early” stages of this format, as a regular user it is not necessary to do anything, it is not necessary to change the format of all our photos. When this format becomes standard, we may end up using it and not even realize it.

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