Waidy Wow, the smart and sustainable app that is friendly to water and the environment


Acea’s app today maps over 50,000 water supply points throughout Italy, promoting responsible water consumption. And launches a new web radio in collaboration with LifeGate.

Reducing the use of plastic bottles is simple, all you need is a fresh water bottle always at hand. But where to fill it when you are away from home? Waidy Wow knows this, the app that allows you to identify over 50,000 drinking water supply points throughout Italy including fountains, typical Roman “noses” and water houses.

The Waidy Wow app was created to raise awareness on responsible water consumption and contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic © Freepik

An idea of ​​the Acea Group

Waidy Wow was born within the Acea Groupthe integrated multi-utility that, like first Italian water operator, guarantees the arrival of drinking and controlled water to homes and cities in Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria, Molise and Campania. With the Group’s mission, which invests in the future through sustainability, technological innovation and raises awareness of responsible consumption of waterWaidy Wow has a lot in common.

The goal of the app, in fact, is ambitious: to contribute to the reduction of single-use plastics, enhance the beauty of the territories and build a water community to spread virtuous behavior in the name of respect for the environment. Because “Every drop is worth”as the payoff of the project recalls.

A story of innovation and teamwork

The first drop is due to a team of people of the Acea Group for participation in Innovation Garagean entrepreneurship program designed to promote internal company creativity and the culture of innovation.
“Waidy Wow, who was among the over 100 candidates for Call 4 Ideas, was selected among the three finalists and thus was able to participate in the incubation process: a twelve-week development sprint for the first prototype of the project”, he says. Patrizia Spisso, founder of Waidy Wow together with Stefano Creatini, Ilaria Mameli, Daniele Nigro, Marco Roncucci, Alessio Giunti and Anna Gigliotti. “We are colleagues from various parts of the Group and with very heterogeneous skills. This interdisciplinarity was our strength, because it allowed us to take care of the project in very different aspects: there are those who deal with marketing and communication, like me, some with the more commercial or engineering aspects ”.

From the map of water points to the discovery of the Water Routes

The result is a range of services and features that, since the release of the first version of the app in July 2020, has never stopped expanding and evolving. The new mapping tracks now 50 thousand dispensing points of drinking water distributed throughout the Italian territory, compared to the initial 6 thousand.

Furthermore, in the areas where the water service is managed by Acea, each user can report any malfunctions concerning fountains, water houses and “noses” through a direct channel with the manager. “Over time, the Waidy Wow app project has evolved”, adds Patrizia Spisso, “becoming more and more an integrated ecosystem of innovative, sustainable and digital solutions. Thanks to technology and applied sensorscalled Waidy Connect, it will soon be possible to collect certified information on consumption and indicators of water pressure, flow rate, turbidity, temperature and conductivity. This will allow us to produce timely reports on the behavior of the water resource throughout our network ”.

Waidy Wow, map and routesWith the Waidy Wow app you can find the nearest drinking fountain and create your own personalized itineraries, always knowing where to fill the bottle © Waidy Wow / Acea Group

There is no shortage of a function in the app to add dispensing points not registered on the map, a “Stories” section updated every week with advice and insights linked to sustainability issues and the possibility of create routes on foot, by bike or running, always knowing where to stop for a drink.

To those who love the suggestions of cinema, Waidy Wow dedicates one narrative map special: a journey through the artistic fountains of Rome, the characteristic “nasoni” and the aqueducts that have entered the collective imagination thanks to famous films. A partnership with Borghi Magazinemoreover, it accompanies the discovery of the architectural, artistic and cultural heritage along the iconic water itineraries, promoting slow tourism with a reduced environmental impact.

Trevi FountainTrevi Fountain, among the cinematic fountains of Rome © Michele Bitetto / Unsplash

A new web radio in collaborationand with LifeGate

Is called Radio Waidy Wow and is integrated into the app to offer users the best LifeGate Radio’s music selection, accompanied by dedicated liners and messages. “Creating a tailor-made radio for the Waidy Wow project together with Acea is one of the most interesting challenges that have happened to us lately”, explains the artistic director Giacomo De Poli. “The idea is to highlight the points of contact between two neighboring worlds and transform them into music, giving shape to a stream that is halfway between the musical universe of LifeGate and the values ​​and the target of Waidy Wow”.

Not just music, but also facts, searches e curiosity about the world of sustainability. Radio Waidy Wow offers, in fact, a selection of news short but exhaustive by the LifeGate editorial staff. The integrated listening in the app allows you to have the best of information on environmental issues always at hand, for a truly immersive sustainability experience.


Radio Waidy Wow is the new web radio integrated into the app, created in collaboration with LifeGate Radio © Waidy Wow / Acea Group

Radio Waidy Wow music screen

The new web radio offers LifeGate Radio’s best music selection © Waidy Wow / Acea Group

Radio Waidy Wow news screen

There is no shortage of facts, research and curiosities about the world of sustainability by the LifeGate editorial team © Waidy Wow / Acea Group

Together with LifeGate, Waidy Wow is also taking an extra action against global warming. In fact, the project adheres to Zero Impact Web, contributing to reduce and offset the CO2 emissions produced by surfing the internet through the creation and protection of growing forests.

Download the Waidy Wow app from Google Play (Android) or da App Store (iOS).

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