Top 6 best video downloader app for the android device in 2020


Video downloader app is trending these days that everyone is talking about. Unfortunately, popular social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter doesn’t give any option to download videos. So, today I have listed some of the best video downloader app in 2020 where you just put the video links in the app and you are ready to go.

Top 6 auto video downloader app

#01. Xdownloader

First up on our list of amazing free downloader app is XDownloader. It has made this spot due to download videos and music directly from the internet on to your android device and is well worth look.


  1. Browse videos with the built-in browser.
  2. Download videos in the background.
  3. SD card supported.
  4. Resume failed downloads.
  5. Fast download speed.

#02. Vidmate

Watching videos and downloading it is the biggest entertainment for everyone. Here many video lovers are still waiting for the best video downloading the app for their device. In that way, they have launched the best tool called the vidmate. When comes to know about this, vidmate is the fastest video downloading an app that consists of many features in it. Here Many more countries use this amazing app to download their favorite video or audio content from various sites across the internet by using the vidmate application. It’s very simple to download and install the VidMate apk app on your android device. When it comes to video downloading tools, there are many different apps to pick from. Unhappily, many of those programs are prohibitively high or filled with irritating advertisements that make it nearly impossible to use the basic functions. If you have done the research for a simple and free video downloading tool, then you might require to take a closer look at Vidmate. This different app is packed with all of the features you are ever going to need, and it works across a wide variety of devices and operating systems. So don’t wait for getting this, immediately click on this website and know more about this application.  

#03. Video downloader

Next, we have a Video downloader by niceappsstudio. Not many people realize that it can download videos and music from web sites directly into your device, which is the main reason it has made this list.


  1. High-speed download.
  2. SD Card supported.
  3. You can make bookmarks for your favorite websites.
  4. SD Card supported.
  5. Download videos with just one click.
  6. Support large file downloads.

#04. All downloader 2019

If you thought the last item was amazing you will love this one. All downloader 2019 has won a spot right here because it can download videos and social media clips from social media sites and popular video sites as well and save video directly to your Android phone. now you know more about the video downloader app then the majority of the people in the world!

  1. Download HD videos with one click.
  2. The video format can be selectable.
  3. Download several files at once.
  4. Support downloading by video extension link.
  5. Users can pause, resume and remove downloads.
  6. All downloaded files store in a password-protected folder.

#05. Top video downloader

You’ve seen quite a few interesting video download app so far, but we’re not done yet. Check out Top video downloader, made popular by saving videos from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and all formats are supported.


  1. Play videos offline with the built-in player.
  2. Auto-detect videos and save files.
  3. Download multiple video formats at the same time.
  4. Resume failed downloads.

#06. Shareit

As per the technology, the Shareit is the wireless file sharing tool from one device to another. You can also download videos from other android/iOS devices. It is undoubtedly the best file sharing and transfers app out there. With so many features and much more to offer, the Shareit app has become the most widely used file-sharing app out there. It has crossed the 200 million-plus download mark and the stats keep on increasing. Despite being an amazing file sharing app, the Shareit app has got a lot more to offer. It is more than simply being an app for file sharing. It is an overall great app that is full of amazing features and factors. As we’re already mentioned, it gives people the ability to share files from their PCs directly on their smartphones. The coolest thing about this feature is that users won’t need to use a direct Wi-Fi network or to connect their devices through USB cable. The only thing that Shareit users need to do is to install the app on the two selected designs. The best alternative for Bluetooth, online, and USB file transfer is none other than Shareit APK. Support for different file types is yet another feature of the file transfer app. You can share multiple files at a single time using the application having multilingual support. You won’t believe that Shareit can support Arab, Hindi, Indonesian, Chinese, French, Spanish, English, and many other languages.

Advantages of Shareit 

  1. It holds almost every setup so that you do not have to download an additional application for watching any content.
  2. You can also replace the VLC or Windows Media Player and enjoy everything and the powerful Equalizer embedded in the multi-functional app.
  3. Support for many file formats, such as download for mobile supports all varieties of file transfers, including those with large sizes and differentiated formats.
  4. Pictures, videos, images, software, contacts, or any other data that has to move from one location to another are effectively done using the share it application.


These 5 fascinating video downloader app has captured people’s attention around the world and now we want your opinion. Did we miss anything? Let me know.

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