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With a “turnkey” service that includes from the online simulation of the housing reform, to the management of European aid and the energy efficiency loan, the bank will grant a maximum of 100,000 euros to individuals with a grace period of 12 months, a fixed rate of 4% and free amortization.

Madrid Spain.- Banco Santander launches a turnkey energy efficiency service for homes whose objective is to facilitate the transition to a greener habitability model for its customers and the reduction of their energy consumption. This new service represents a further step in the purpose of the entity to accompany its clients, individuals and SMEs, in the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

The ‘turnkey’ service begins with an innovative simulator, free and online, to determine the type of home, the actions to be carried out and an approximate automatic calculation of the cost of the chosen reforms, as well as the energy savings that they suppose for the client, the subsidies that can be requested and the estimated deduction of the state personal income tax.

At the same time, Santander offers the consumer three different and accredited providers – Iberdrola, Effic and Reformanerr- to request personalized quotes; They will also manage the subsidies and aid provided for in Royal Decree 853/2021 on Residential Rehabilitation and Social Housing, both for actions to improve energy efficiency in homes and for the rehabilitation of buildings.

energy efficiency loan

The work study is free and once the request has been analyzed and the steps taken with the supplier, the entity offers the customer one of the most competitive energy efficiency loans on the market: up to 100,000 euros, with a grace period of up to 12 months, a fixed interest of 4%, a repayment period of 7 years and the possibility of repaying the loan in advance, partially or totally, free of charge.

The granting of this aid, which comes from the Next Generation Funds of the European Union and is part of the Government’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR), will depend on the energy savings achieved with the reform, which must provide at least a minimum reduction in energy consumption of 30%. For flats and homes, the subsidy is set at 3,000 euros; for buildings, aid may range from 6,300 to 18,800 euros if energy savings exceed 60%.

The overall objective of the PRTR actions is to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy in Spanish homes by at least 30% and “decarbonise and reduce the demand for heating and cooling by at least 7%”.

According to official sources, close to 50% of buildings for residential use (9.7 million dwellings) are prior to 1980 and more than 84.5% of existing buildings are located in the letters E, F or G, in terms energy consumption, which highlights the significant potential of energy rehabilitation. Likewise, the buildings that reach the best rating, the letter A, do not reach 0.3%.

Sustainable Santander

Added to these energy efficiency solutions is the functionality recently launched on the Santander app and website with which the entity’s customers can measure their carbon footprint from purchases made with their cards and direct debits and, if they wish to offset it by supporting sustainable projects that try to avoid new emissions or absorb those already emitted, such as a reforestation initiative in Teruel.

Also its recent initiative to recycle expired One Santander debit and credit cards and transform them into street furniture thanks to the collaboration of the company G+D, which will turn them into benches, litter bins or flower pots, giving the cards a second life in a clear commitment to the circular economy; furniture that will be donated by the financial entity to different public institutions for their cities and municipalities.

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