Useful Samsung Galaxy Features

The One UI customization layer features additions that allow further customization. Using some of these, our Samsung mobile can become even smarter than beforeOf course, not all functions are suitable for all users, but we are sure that some of them will end up activating them, even though you were unaware of their existence

Unlike the Google Pixel, the Samsung Galaxy do not have a pure version of Android, but rather the opposite. This South Korean manufacturer and its One UI customization layer stand out for the addition of many interesting features for users. In this article, we review many of the useful functions that are already included in the Samsung Galaxy and that will facilitate basic tasks in your day to day,.

That means that we have multiple attractive solutions, and that it is a matter of navigating in the Settings of each Samsung Galaxy to make the most of them, although here are some versatile ideas. All you have to do is analyze each one, and think if they can become good allies each day.

Useful Samsung Galaxy Features You Shouldn’t Miss

Undo the writing with a gesture

On our office computer we usually undo what we typed with Ctrl/Command + Z on Windows or MacOS, while on smartphones we probably miss a feature for those situations. Samsung offers it to us, giving us the possibility of undoing what was written with a simple gesture.

The Samsung keyboard that comes by default has the gesture to undo what is written if we previously deactivate the writing with sliding. Just slide two fingers in any direction.

Remember that it is essential to deactivate the writing with sliding before, yes.

Lock screen to another level

Maybe the most important way to personalize your Galaxy device it’s with Samsung’s Good Lock app. You can fool us with your name… but you have more answers to the questions that would come to mind.

Good Lock is a set of modules that add additional functionality to the Samsung lock screen. we can enjoy a look more to our liking, notifications and custom elements, etc..

Our recommendation in this regard is that you dedicate some of your time to it.. Surely something catches your attention.

Good Lock, perhaps the most important way to personalize your Galaxy device

Watch videos in better quality

There are few chances that you have a Samsung product due to its spectacular screen quality. Justly, Samsung is the creator of a good part of the screens of other manufacturers in the market. With that being said, we think it makes sense for you to watch your videos in the best quality available.

Video Enhancer, which is what this function is specifically called, is not new to Samsung smartphones, but this year in the Galaxy S22 family renamed to Video Brightness.

Match your theme with the wallpaper

If there is something that Android 12 has advanced, which is now ready to be installed on many Samsungs of 2022, this is that ability to that matches both the chosen theme with the wallpaper, in terms of style and color.

This feature, which we know as color palette, is one of the most attractive new features of the latest version of Android to date, and while Samsung has always had themes, they have never been so pleasant.

One theme or another from the color palette can drastically change the way your device looks, so they are ideal for both giving them a unique touch, as well as rotating them according to the season or circumstance.

Quick access to app shortcuts

When you want to rush things a little bit on your phone, it may end up going wrong and taking too long. Placing your favorite apps, or the most necessary, at your fingertips, can be a way to save time.

The Edge panels are a function that we must thank Samsung for, because it enables those who want it to have their favorite apps on one side of the screen, a shortcut that avoids having to have them on the screen.

And for you, which of the numerous useful functions of the Samsung Galaxy is the most indispensable?

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