Unifedesport and Ufec reinvest 315,000 euros in federated sports



Unifedesport has approved its budget and commercial action for 2022 at the annual meeting

(10-6-2022) Unifedesport and the Ufec Foundation have reinvested more than 300,000 euros for sports federations and clubs. These are the dividends generated in the last financial year.

The federated sports brokerage, Unifedesport, and the Ufec Foundation, reinvested in federated sports the 315,000 generated in the form of profits last year. Federations and sports clubs were able to benefit from this figure, increased thanks to the growth of Esport+.

The OTT platform for Catalan federated sport generated in its first year of operation a direct economic return of 15,000 euros for the clubs that opted for this platform. The support of the Ufec Foundation has been achieved thanks to the registrations (more than 16,000) of players from the federations and clubs as users of the platform. The forecast is that this figure can quadruple this 2022, up to 80,000 euros.

“Betting on Unifedesport and Esport+ not only serves to support an innovative service or project, but also the return in economic terms to grassroots sport and the promotion of federations and clubs”, said the president of the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia Gerard Esteve.


This Thursday, June 9, the Unifedesport shareholders’ meeting approved the accounts for the 2021 financial year and the budget and commercial action for 2022. Last year, Unifedesport recovered the volume of business prior to the pandemic, reaching a turnover of premiums of 9.95 million euros. This has resulted in the reinvestment of nearly 300,000 euros to the federations through dividends.

With a view to the 2022 action plan, the collaboration agreement for Unifedesport in Esport+ has been approved, which will receive 50,000 euros.

The headquarters of the Ufec has also hosted the meeting of the patronage of the Ufec Foundation. In it, the accounts for the 2021 financial year have been approved, with a positive balance of 114,000 euros, and the progress made by Esport+ has been valued.

In its first year of life, Esport+ has already accumulated more than 16,000 subscribers, a follow-up of more than 1.7 million live views and an international impact in 110 countries. Looking ahead to 2022, they hope it will become a Catalan sports television channel with a 360º approach: not only covering live matches, but also pre-match and post-match matches, expanding the number of sports, clubs and categories broadcast.

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