Ufec invoices 24 million euros in 2021 and points to pre-covid figures in 2022



Ufec held its annual assembly last Thursday, June 2

(6-6-2022) The Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia (Ufec) closed 2021 with revenues of 24 million euros and a negative result of 432,020 euros. Looking ahead to 2022 they expect to grow to 34 million in the entire group.

Ufec closed 2021 with losses of 432,020 euros, mainly derived from the cut in the ordinary subsidy of the General Secretary of Sport and Physical Activity (Sgeaf). The group of Catalan sports federations ended last year with revenues of 24 million euros, a figure that guarantees its viability. This represents an increase of 17.1 million compared to the 6.9 million admitted in 2020 (247% more). The figure, however, is still below that obtained in the course prior to the pandemic (35 million in 2019).

Looking ahead to 2022, the union of federations has budgeted a turnover of 34 million euros for the entire group (+42% compared to 2021). Of these, 7 million correspond to the entity and “will affect the strategic areas of digitization and high-level training,” according to the general secretary of Ufec, Isabel Pérez. This entity has provided for a net reinvestment of 20% of its resources in entities “to continue working to achieve the entity’s objectives: financial autonomy, professionalization of the sector and digitization.”

As explained by the president of the Ufec, Gerard Esteva, the services to federations and clubs have led to savings of more than 2 million euros for the entities. Ufec has participated in 4 European projects and has led one of them, SPEY, on the prevention of radicalization through sport. On the other hand, it has created the first female leadership postgraduate course, the WESE; it has created the first Catalan eSports League; has opted for the training of leaders of sports entities and has started Esport+, an OTT platform for digital sports content that already has 16,000 subscribers and 2 million views in more than 100 countries.


Esteva also presented the new Ufec projects to the presidents of the sports federations. This year, the union of federations will co-organize with the Catalan federations and the International Congress of Women’s Sports; the Catalan Sports Fair and the Catalan Week of Catalan Sports. It will also be a key year to reactivate the ILP of the new sports law, in parliamentary process.

The assembly also served to ratify the new members of the Ufec board of directors: Ramon Bosch (president of the Catalan Swimming Federation); Mercè Rosich (FC Athletics), Jordi Tamayo (FC Athletics) and Agustí Pons (FC Skating).

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