Ufec asks the Generalitat to prioritize the digital projects of sports entities


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They ask to access the aid announced by the CSD

on March 25, 2022 at 3:06 pm


Ufec calls on the Generalitat to help the sports sector to obtain the aid that the CSD will distribute for the promotion of sport in the autonomous communities

(25-3-2022) Ufec calls on the Catalan Government to prioritize the digital sports projects of sports entities in order to obtain the financial aid announced by the CSD.

The Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia (Ufec) has asked the Generalitat by letter to give priority to digital sports projects of non-profit entities to obtain the aid announced by the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

Ufec hopes that the Catalan sports federations can obtain part of the 35 million euros announced by the Spanish Executive and that will go to the promotion of physical activity and the renovation of sports facilities.

The 71 federations that make up the union have presented projects with the aim of promoting physical activity and sport through digital tools. One of these initiatives is the EsportPlus project, an OTT through which they hope to give visibility to all federated sports in the territory.

Both Ufec and the federations that it groups together aim to democratize the visibility of sports activity, in its different modalities, promote sports practice globally and become an opportunity to improve the financing of non-profit sports entities.

For this reason, collaboration between the public administration and the sports fabric of Catalonia is essential to consolidate this type of digital and innovative projects that make all of Catalan sport visible.

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