Typical SEM Mistakes You Need to Avoid If You’re a Startup in Singapore


Singapore is an island city-state located in Southeast Asia. You can see multiracialism enshrined in Singapore’s constitution, and it shapes the national policies in housing, politics and education. Marketing your business online in Singapore is no joke. With all the established companies that keep on championing the market, if you do not have a clear-cut strategy prepared to reach your goals, you might as well watch your money get washed down the drain.

According to any SEM agency in Singapore, learning the ropes of Search Engine Marketing is no cakewalk. You need to understand first what you want to get out of it. Who are you designing your services for? What adjectives and ideas do you want people to associate with your brand when they encounter it online? What marketing channels do you want to employ for your business?

Especially now that more and more businesses in Singapore are taking advantage of digital marketing, there can be so many outdated and illegal practices you need to avoid to stay on top of the market. Knowing all these are just the tip of the iceberg that is the full potential and SEM structure. Before you plunge into rearranging your existing online promotional practices or get started with a digital marketing tactic, check out some of the typical SEM mistakes of business owners:

Focusing on Bids Rather than Quality Clicks

Although investing money plays an essential role and helping your ads get anywhere faster, that does not automatically mean that more high bids guarantee success and conversions. Search engines are continuously evolving and learning from previously allowed strategies. They determine ads with a genuine intent to offer solutions and pinpoint false advertisements and click baits with more accuracy. If you don’t allot effort to find clicks with real interest and a strong intent to purchase, you are wasting your marketing funds.

Using a Centralized Path for All Traffic

There is more to online marketing than to build a website and redirect every single lead there. Not all people have the luxury of time to go through your pages or scroll through your website to find your contact details. Some people get their info and sources from social media. Others use digital communities, while some are very visual and depend highly on video content or user reviews before choosing a product to try. Aside from building an SEO-friendly and UX-centric website, create social media pages for your business too. Fill it up with content relevant to your services. Encourage people to interact with your posts. Publish informative blogs and join online discussion groups to showcase your chosen field expertise and assist customers and even fellow hustlers in the market.

Leaving Ad Goals or Efficiency Metrics Vague and Undefined

In SEM, efficiency metrics represent the progress of your campaigns. There is a reason why you need to define what your brand is all about and who your target audience is. These details comprise your SEM goals. What are your short-term and long-term objectives? How can you assess and balance how much you spend on ads and clicks with other expenses needed to operate your business?

Slacking Off on Keyword Matches

An SEM agency in Singapore would often reiterate this: When creating ads on Google, you need to add keywords related to your advertising service or product. There are three different types of keywords that you need to secure when conducting keyword research. First is ‘Broad Match’. Let’s say you are selling laptop covers, and one of the keywords you want to use is laptop protective covers. Broach Match means your ads will appear in search results for search terms containing the said keyword regardless of how it is arranged in the user’s phrase. Phrase Match means that the exact phrase or arrangement is used and that ads will appear even if supplementary words are added before or after it. Exact Match means that the keyword or phrase used must be in the same exact arrangement. Otherwise, your ads will not appear.

Use these simple tips and reminders as your reference for preparing a more solid SEM strategy for your business!

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