Top salary: This is what you earn as an assistant doctor, specialist or senior doctor

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Günter Valda, Unsplash Doctors are not only one of the most important professional groups in the corona pandemic. With an average gross annual salary of 90,000 euros, they are among the top earners in Germany, according to the Stepstone Salary Atlas 2021. Doctor salaries are matched by a high level of specialist knowledge and responsibility. The workload is heavy. There is also a shortage of staff. A pandemic without doctors? How central their job is has seldom been more noticeable for many than in times of crisis. They are not alone in the importance of their profession. And yet they have a particular say in making decisions. For example, about the longed-for “life afterwards” for the sick, for example, even outside of Covid-19. According to the German Medical Association, a good 402,000 doctors were working in Germany at the end of 2019. They work independently as general practitioners and specialists or, like the majority (51 percent), at clinics in numerous specialist areas from radiology to neurology. The workload is considered high. In addition to the large number of doctors who work part-time, there is a shortage of specialists. The demand is increasing, for example in specialist areas such as geriatrics (geriatric medicine), psychosomatic medicine or environmental medicine. In the countryside, on the other hand, there is a shortage of general practitioners. These are good future options for motivated youngsters.

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