Top Apps for the Health-Conscious


There are a lot of ways to be more healthy such as starting a strict and healthy eating habit, switching from analog watches to smartwatches, or going to the gym regularly. Having a healthy lifestyle is more than just a proper diet and a consistent workout. Taking care of your mind and body, getting enough sleep, and supervising your medications and doctor’s appointments are also an essential factor in staying healthy.

Picking a good app can be an excellent way to manage all of it. That’s why there are a lot of tested and proven healthy lifestyle apps that we can use and can guide us in the right direction. We need to choose those reliable and easy to use apps for our daily activities. Here is a list of great apps suitable for health-conscious individuals.

01. Elevate: Brain Training

This app is made to enhance your speaking abilities, focus, math skills, processing speed, and many more. This brain training program can be customized, and it adjusts the more frequently you use this app to maximize your results.

02. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal manages your nutrition, fitness, and weight so that you reach that fitness goal you’ve been dreaming of. It is a comprehensive app that is capable of monitoring the food you eat, records the steps and workouts, and you can also get support and motivation from the app community. The app can create customized goals from your info, and MyFitnessPal will guide you to get there.

03. Medication Guide

This app is handy, especially for those who are in constant medications. It quickly lookup for drug information, check interactions, identify pills, and manages your medication records. The app features a complete listing from A to Z with fast searching and has a complete database of drug information on the internet. There is also a free discount card, which means that you can save up to 80 percent on pharmacy prescriptions.

04. HealthTap

If you have questions about your health state, then this is the best app for you. You can browse more than millions of answers from doctors, and there are also 700,000 articles and topics about 850 health conditions. Ask free questions and get a confidential answer from a doctor in a short period or pay if you want to see a doctor right away.

05. ShopWell: Better Food Choices

This app can provide nutrition labels and search for foods that will fit your healthy diet. You will be able to create a food profile with dietary factors such as health concerns, allergies, and dislikes. And get a customized nutrition result after you scan a label. It also has features like recommending your food and tips for the location where to find the right food in your local grocery store.

06. Lark — 24/7 Health Coach

You can now have a virtual personal coach in this app. Your personal Lark coach is capable of doing a lot of things such as monitoring your sleep, exercise, diet, weight, and medication using an advance AI and connected health monitors. The app will advise you through text and send motivation whenever you need it. It is for the purpose that you stay on track with your healthy activities. Get updated, personalized, and 24/7 support and counseling so that you make good and healthy daily choices.

07. Fabulous: Self Care

A healthier and happier life is all that everyone wants. With this app, you can create a healthy habit that you can use to achieve your fitness goal. Fabulous: Self Care app takes a comprehensive approach that motivates the user to be more active, productive, and healthy. The purpose of this app is for you to maximize your energy levels, lose weight, find more focus, and sleep better. Just follow the app’s prompts.

08. Record by Under Armour

Under Armour Record is an app that’s capable of monitoring you 24/7. It has a health and fitness system that monitors your fitness activity, sleep, and nutrition. The app allows you to create and reach that goal. It can sync devices, and find friends and support with fellow Under Amour app users. You can also have customized insights that help you perform, feel, and look better.


Busy schedules, workload, laziness, or even lifestyle is the factor that a lot of people are not healthy. They tend to forget the importance of taking care of themselves and how to start. Good thing that technology is making our lives easy, and it helps us accomplish our daily tasks.

There are a lot of gadgets and devices that are capable of guiding us in the right way. The

Everyone deserves a healthy and happy life. Go out and have fun. Buy that watch from the Omega Speedmaster watches line. Watch a movie. Go for a vacation. Everyone deserves that once in a while, and that’s why you need to change your habits and switch to a more healthy lifestyle.

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