Tips for Building a Better Social Media Presence


If you own any business, whether small, medium, or large or even if you are a startup, then having a social media presence is a non-negotiable success factor for your business.

If you want your business to get success on online channels, then having a decent presence on social media is imminent for you. The reason? Your target customers are active on social media, and to convert your target customers into sales you need to be at the forefront of their minds.

One of the biggest advantages of building a social media presence is that you get to build a relationship with your customers and in today’s competitive landscape, having a good customer relationship is very important. It not only strengthens your loyalty but also increases your web traffic and gives you a winning edge.

But how to build a great social media presence? This is simple! Here are some tips following which you can increase your presence on social media manifolds:

01. Choose Most Appropriate Social Media Platforms

There are half a dozen platforms on which you can create your account and keep going, but not all of them will bring expected profit. You are not required to be on all of them.

You have to choose the platform that best suits your business needs. In the starting, choose a couple of them and start working. You will have to do some basic research and find out which of those your target audience is. Then put your money and energy in building upon those platforms, and you will reap the benefits soon. Use a good intro maker that can exponentially boost your presence on video-based platforms such as YouTube.

02. Set Goals, Play Smart

You have to set some goals for your social media presence. Businesses should set some specific aims that are easily measurable, relevant, and achievable. Most important, they should be time-bound; may be monthly, quarterly, or half annually.

This way, you will have a purpose attached to social media marketing efforts, and you will not be entrapped in aimless posts.

03. Knowing Your Audience is Important

Now that the goals are set, the next big task is identifying the target audience. This is an important tip as once you identify your target audience, only then you are going to think about building your presence on social media platforms accordingly.

Accordingly schedule your posting, decide upon the type of content you want to publish and the kind of information you want to communicate to your audience.

04. Post Videos Rather than Blogs

Videos are a great way to convey your message to your target audience. Make a nice intro for your videos with the help of a good online tool or softwareand then post them on relevant social media platforms.

If your videos are interesting and engaging, you will convert your leads into sales.

05. Be Consistent with Your Posts

You cannot expect great results just by posting once in a while. You have to be quite consistent with your posts. Just decide a timeline and keep your content ready beforehand so that there is no last-minute rush for crafting and then posting content. For best results, you can create an editorial calendar and follow that religiously.

06. Quality of Content Matters

It doesn’t matter that you keep posting hundreds of posts or videos regularly with compromised quality, in which your audience is not even interested.

For example, while posting videos, you have to be very smart with editing. If you are not a pro, then there are numerous online video editors available, like an Instagram video editor. By using these editing tools, you can convert your raw video into amazing videos that viewers would like to see.

You can search on for the best editing software, and you will get plenty of options that suit your budget.

07. Automation in the Right Manner

Automation is critical and is being followed religiously by marketers. But one thing to be careful with automation is that everything cannot be kept on autopilot mode.

You need to be more vigilant with automation when you are dealing with your customers or replying to their specific queries.

08. Go for Social Media Optimization (SMO) for Better Engagement

It is vital to optimizing your account with the help of images and the right set of keywords. Never forget to fill your complete information; you never know any potential customer might want to reach you.

Many brands use Instagram bio for generating a link for promotions, advertising their hashtags, and raising their brand voice.

If you are using Twitter, do not forget to mention right @ tags and HD images. This will help you create authority and attract more followers.

09. Make Your Online Media Presence be Felt to Your Audience

Your online presence needs to be registered by your potential audience. You can easily integrate social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter on your website by generating a simple code. Another way of promoting your website is cross-promotion through others’ social media handles or accounts.

10. Be Consistent in All Channels

It is imperative to maintain brand consistency across all social media channels. This helps you to get easily recognized. You should avoid having mismatched logos and photos, which are even blurry and improperly sized many times.

Your carelessness will cause unnecessary confusion to your viewers and can make you sound unprofessional. You should invest a decent amount of time in creating a consistent brand image across all social media networks. It is also important to optimize your selected photos and images according to a given network’s specifications.


Building and growing a strong social media presence for your business, whether small or mid-sized isn’t rocket science. All it takes is your precious time, and if you can make up for that then success is a surety.

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