This new Google AI will make your photomontages


Only a few years ago the edition of this multimedia content was limited to a series of experienced and professional users. However, thanks to the work of the developers of these programs and the artificial intelligence, today they are within the reach of the majority. This means that we can take great advantage of these graphic editing applications with hardly any knowledge of all of it. The most complex tasks are already taken care of by the AIamong other technologies implemented in the software.

Today we can obtain truly spectacular results in a few minutes thanks to all this. Now we want to talk about a project focused on this type of treatment that the search giant Google has just launched. Specifically, we refer to DreamBootha software solution that they have been working on for a long time and that will make things much easier for us when it comes to make photomontagesfor instance.

For this type of treatment specifically with our images, we generally use complex editing programs. A clear example is found in the Adobe application that most of you know very well, we refer to Photoshop. Well, what Google now wants is to greatly facilitate this type of photo montage through DreamBooth.

Make photo montages using AI with DreamBooth

To give us an idea of ​​what we are saying, mention that initially here we are going to use one or several photos. These can contain a specific object, although a particularly original and fun use that we can make of it is with our pets. In this way, once we have uploaded the original images to the platform, we can establish by textthe environment in which we want to see the protagonist of the image.

In short, here the AI ​​​​allows us to generate high-quality images from an established text and an original photo. All the work is focused on a certain object that we are going to take directly to other scenarios specifying this by means of text. The program interprets which is the object or animal that we want to move and creates the environment in which we are going to integrate it from the typed text.

In the same way we can achieve a totally different aspect to that element, animal or thing, such as assigning it a much more artistic aspect, literally. We will also have the possibility, all in an automated way thanks to artificial intelligence or AI, to modify the color of the original object. The truth is that, to obtain truly impressive results, we will also have to add a little imagination and perform tests.

What is certain is that to a large extent we can forget about programs like Adobe Photoshop to create our own photomontages in a much simpler way. If you want to see examples and learn more about this Google project, you can do so through its official website.

DreamBooth ia 2

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