This has been the fall of Boris Johnson

A man protests against Boris Johnson this Wednesday. The 22 refers to the 1922 Committee, an internal body of the Conservative Party / efe

The cascade of resignations in the British Government in recent hours joins the ‘Partygate’ scandal, which for months has haunted the Prime Minister

Boris Johnson’s journey at the head of the British Government has been marked by scandals. From members of his Cabinet who skipped health restrictions during the pandemic to a case of sexual abuse known this week, through the ‘partygate’, the parties organized in Downing Street during the worst of the covid crisis.

Dominic Cummings’ 260-mile journey

At the end of March 2020, when the entire country was confined, the almighty Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s right-hand man, traveled 425 kilometers with his wife and son from London to Durham, where his parents live. He too made an April getaway to Barnard Castle. “I don’t regret what I did, I think I behaved in a reasonable way,” he said.

The ‘party gate’. Partying in Downing Street in the midst of a pandemic

The official residence of the ‘premier’ hosted several parties in the spring and end of 2020, during the first and second viral waves, violating the health restrictions imposed on the population by the Cabinet itself. In the images that came to light, Johnson and his advisers are clearly seen celebrating birthdays, farewells, chatting casually in the garden… On one occasion, his secretary invited forty people by mail asking each of them to bring « his own alcohol. Meetings back then were limited to two people. In April 2021, in full national mourning for the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, another party brought together thirty people. The head of government himself had to apologize to the queen.

The lies: “They were work meetings, the rules were followed”

The ‘partygate’ scandal broke out in November 2021. Johnson assured again and again, even in parliament, that the parties were “work meetings” and that the sanitary rules had been followed “at all times”.

The investigations: Scotland Yard fines and a devastating internal report

The ‘partygate’ led to the involvement of the Police. Scotland Yard opened the case in January 2020 and ended its investigations in May with the filing of 126 fines on 83 people, including Johnson himself and his wife. In turn, high-ranking government official Sue Gray conducted an internal investigation that concluded by pointing to “leadership failures.” She alluded in her report to a “culture of alcohol and parties.”

The lace: A sex scandal that Johnson knew

This week the lace came. A cascade of resignations in his government left him no choice but to surrender. The trigger: Johnson knew about the sexual harassment allegations against Chris Pincher and still promoted him to the important role of deputy in control of the Conservative parliamentary group. Pincher was one of his most faithful deputies. Two members of the ‘Tory’ party accuse him of inappropriately touching them during a drunken evening at an elite London club.

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