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Image of some of the victims after the attack on the Robb elementary school in Uvalde (Texas). / Video: Atlas

The bullets frustrated the lives of the little boy who loved to dance, the “happiest doll in the world” and the student who, in an act of heroism, tried to alert the Police

“My sweetie now fly high with the angels up there.” Alfred Garza posted this phrase on the Internet. He thanked the rest of the Uvalde neighbors for their help in trying to locate his daughter Amerie Joe after learning of the shooting that occurred at her school. For a long time, on Tuesday, he did not hear from her. “I’m not asking for much, but please, it’s been seven hours and I haven’t heard from my love,” he implored on Facebook. Shortly after, he wrote: “Thank you all for your prayers and for helping me find my baby.” Amerie Jo, the girl with the huge smile, was already safe with the angels. She, at the age of ten, was shot to death after trying to call the emergency service while she was unsuccessfully sheltering from the devil’s gaze. “Take care of your little brother for me,” her father pleaded.

The sad story of the Garza family toured the United States this Wednesday from coast to coast. And with it, those of the remaining inhabitants of this small town in Texas whose soul was riddled with bullets by one of his neighbors, the young Salvador Ramos, just one day before school began its school holidays. “We only take our children to school,” repeated an anguished mother, whose offspring will now return home in a coffin. “The trauma and pain are enormous, unimaginable, and most parents will be affected for life,” an expert who worked for years with relatives of the victims of the Parkland tragedy in Florida explained on television on Wednesday. .

On that occasion, an individual only a year older than Ramos murdered 17 people in an institute. A report from the ‘Washington Post’ indicated this Wednesday that 330 educational centers, including schools and university campuses, have been the scene of armed confrontations since the Columbine massacre in 1999, when two students shot dead twelve classmates and a teacher. In these twenty-three years, 185 children, teachers and teaching staff have died, 369 have been injured and several thousand suffer psychological consequences due to these crimes. At least 311,000 students have been exposed to armed violence during school hours, according to the same journalistic investigation.

The sheriff’s deputy’s aunt

“They were all children,” a police officer mused this Wednesday at the scene of the latest massacre. Hundreds of agents, forensic and specialized personnel worked throughout the day collecting evidence of the massacre. The children’s laughter did not resound in the classrooms or in the corridors. If anything, some sobs and the sound of breaking glass bouncing off walls and floors still stained with blood. The blood of a child whose greatest dream was to be a dancer when he grew up, from Ellie “the happiest doll in the world,” as her father recalled on Facebook. He was happy these days until a disturbed man cut off love under his feet. “I was going to DJ for her at her party!” he exclaimed.

The sheriff’s deputy was one of the first people to peek into hell after Ramos fell down. There he learned that his aunt Eva Mireles was one of the two deceased teachers. She had been teaching for 17 years, she loved “running and walking”, she was married and had a daughter who graduated. She was found hugging her students.

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