The title of the fitboxing world championship stays in Madrid


(10-6-2022). The team that came from Sanchinarro was the best throughout the final day, in which 64 teams from Spain, Italy and Portugal were looking to hang a medal recognized by the World Boxing Council (WBC).

End to one of the most anticipated events on the asphalt of the Caja Mágica in Madrid. After two years of waiting due to the covid-19 pandemic, the iconic sports venue hosted the Fitboxing World Games on June 4 with the presence of almost 1,500 attendees in the stands to shoulder Oli&[email protected] Benjis, the champion team of this V edition of the fitboxing world championships.

The final match between the Madrid team and the Mallorcan Dimonis Punch, the other finalists, ended after almost 12 hours of non-stop competition. Since the first confrontations opened at 11 in the morning until after 8 in the afternoon when the rhythm of the music faded with the last hits on the bag.

“We are in shock, we still have to assimilate it”, declared the champions, whose coach, former boxer Oliver Esteban, acknowledged “having worked very hard in microcycles, combining agility, power and resistance”. Esteban was the Spanish junior boxing champion at the age of 17.

Spanish rule

With this new title from Oli&[email protected] Benjis, the world title once again remains in Spain given the impossibility of the teams from Portugal or Italy to conquer the Fitboxing World Games. A title that in the five editions held has always ended with the Spanish side, but with the growing international presence it comes to signify the great growth that fitboxing continues to experience.

One of the fashionable sports on the global scene that is celebrated without professional fitboxers and without age or gender range. Because that is another of the great attractions of this discipline, which until now had been dominated by purely female teams but this time has ended up in a mixed group (two men and two women).

Thus, the title recognized by the WBC and that designates the best fitboxing team in the world travels to the Madrid neighborhood of Sanchinarro where it will remain, at least, throughout 2022 with the view that in the 2023 edition the public and participants continue to develop their interest in this discipline that does not limit its global growth.

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