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When we buy a new computer, it works fast, without problems, and allows us to do everything. However, as time goes by, the computer begins to fail, to cause problems, and the time may come when it becomes impossible to work with it. This can be solved, if you are lucky, with a format and a set-up of the PC. But it can also happen that, either due to component degradation or mere programmed obsolescence, the problems indicate that It’s time to change PC.

Today we are not changing computers as often as we were a decade ago. The hardware is powerful enough to last a long time without giving compatibility problems, neither with games nor with programs. But no matter how good the components are, there always ends up coming a time when we have to change PCs. And these signs tell us that it is time to do it.

We have crashes, blue screens and unexpected reboots

One of the signs that something is wrong has always been computer crashes and reboots. These may be caused by the operating system itself (a driver, a corrupt program, a virus, etc), or it may be that one of the components (such as the RAM or the hard drive) is failing and causing these problems.

If we experience many failures of this type there is no other, it is time to buy a new computer, since a possible repair can be much more expensive than the new equipment.

Can’t find hard drive when powering on

It is possible that, from one day to the next, and without having done anything in particular, the PC stops detecting the hard drive. When this happens, something is starting to cause problems, be it the motherboard or the drive itself. It is possible that it will be solved only with a restart and we can continue using the computer normally, but we should consider backing up the data, and looking for a new computer, just in case.

We can’t upgrade to Windows 11

The arrival of Windows 11 has been very controversial in many ways. But one of the things that has generated the most anger has been the obligation to have a relatively modern processor and a TPM 2.0 chip to be able to install this system from scratch or update from Windows 10.

If our computer does not meet the requirements, as much as it hurts us, we are facing a case of planned obsolescence, and it will be time to buy a new PC.

Some programs are not compatible

Similar to the previous point, it is possible that if we go with a very old computer, of fair power, there will come a time when a new version of a program, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Photoshop, when renewing the requirements, is no longer compatible with our computer.

Windows no longer updates

Similar to point 3, it may happen that Windows has stopped updating on our computer. Although it is rare, sometimes Microsoft has changed the requirements with some update, leaving many users unable to update the PC.

It may also be the case that we do not receive updates because we are using an older version of the operating system, such as Windows 7. For whatever reason, it is time to change.

Desktop Windows 7 installed

We did not get the contracted Internet speed

Today, most of the fiber rates that we can contract offer 100 megabytes and up, with the most contracted offer being 300 megabytes. But what if the computer can’t handle it? If we have a Fast Ethernet network card, we can only get up to 100 Mbps maximum. And with a Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz we will not get much more speed either. Therefore, if we want to make the most of the connection, it will be necessary to renew the equipment.

The PC is very slow, even freshly formatted

Many problems can be solved with a simple formatting of the computer. But there are times when this is no longer enough, and the computer, despite being like it just came out of the store, continues to perform poorly, slowly, and with problems. It may be that the disk is damaged, the RAM, or the rest of the components have already given everything. Therefore, the best thing we can do is think about rescuing the data, and acquire a new computer.

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