The Tansley Group succeeds Meridia Capital in the co-leadership of Fútbol Emotion



The CEO of the Tansley Group, Javier Osa, flanked by the founders of Futbol Emotion, Javier Sánchez Broto, on the left, and Carlos Sánchez Broto, on the right. The latter has been appointed the new CEO of the brand.

(25-4-2022). The leading Spanish football retail chain, Fútbol Emotion, has registered the entry into its shareholding of the Tansley Group, after the departure of its previous shareholder, Miridia Capital. The chain faces this new stage with an “ambitious growth project”, according to the brand’s new CEO, Carlos Sánchez Broto.

The chain that leads football retail in Spain, Fútbol Emotion, has just joined the Tansley group of companies. This holding company, focused on promoting consumption ecosystems around hobbies and passions, has joined the chain’s shareholders “with a majority of them”, according to a press release, “and with a clear vocation for co-control and co-leadership with the managing partners and founders of Fútbol Emotion”.

The other companies that make up the Tansley group are Guaw (specializing in pets), Milbby (focusing on fine arts and crafts), Bookish (focusing on literature), and BrandStory (focusing on consumer products). With this movement, the investment fund Meridia Capital leaves the company in which it had entered in May 2018 and is succeeded by the Tansley Group.

The objective of the investment of the new majority shareholder of Fútbol Emotion is to strengthen the strategic pillars of the chain, giving new impetus to its expansion plans to accelerate sales in new markets and concepts, consolidating its ecosystem of customers in southern Europe and Latin America and with the ambition to lead this market through electronic commerce, sales in physical stores and service to football clubs, offering a 360º experience that covers all the needs of lovers of this sport.


In this sense, Fútbol Emotion is preparing to take a further step forward guided by a redefined business plan, with a very clear main objective: to put the company at a new level of turnover with a very ambitious growth target for the coming years.

The pillars on which the brand intends to carry out this growth are seven. On the one hand, the strengthening of the chain’s partnership with the brand; on the other hand, through the amplification of the connection between the brand and the consumer; thirdly, through further development of the online division of Fútubol Emotion based on an evolution of its e-commerce, as well as the chain’s omnichannel projection; fourthly, by consolidating its dominance in the Iberian market, accompanied by “a new retail concept”; in fifth place, through an acceleration of its international expansion, both in southern Europe (especially in Italy and France), and in Latin America, especially in Mexico; and, finally, through the hiring of new talent, providing resources to the organizational structure to guarantee the correct application of its new business plan.


The new stage that Fútbol Emotion is now embarking on also entails the end of Iván Abad’s stage as CEO of the chain, who has been leading the banner for the last three years.

Abad’s departure will entail organizational changes at the brand’s steering committee level, and from now on, it will be Carlos Sánchez Broto, current General Manager and partner of the company, who will assume the role of CEO, collaborating closely with Grupo Tansley, and preparing the organization to take it to the next level.

The new CEO of the chain, Carlos Sánchez Broto, has commented on the entry of the Tansley group into the shareholding of Fútbol Emotion, which is “great news for all the people who are part of the company, since it will mean the exponential growth of Fútbol Emotion and of all the people who are part of the company, becoming part of a Group with strong leadership, very professional and in a very ambitious project of growth and development while maintaining specialization and strategic independence and management”.

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