The Spanish women’s soccer team achieves equal pay



From now on, the players of the Spanish soccer team will receive the same economic premiums as those received by men from the RFEF

(14-6-2022) The Spanish women’s soccer team has taken a giant step in the fight for equality by signing an agreement with the RFEF for equality in the economic prizes they receive. From now on, the bonuses received in percentages by male and female players from Spain are equalized.

Women’s sport continues to take steps towards full equality of rights with respect to men’s. The players of the Spanish soccer team have signed a commitment this Tuesday with the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, for which the economic prizes that both women and men receive for participating with the selections are equalized.

In addition, the image rights that the soccer players will receive are regularized and improved and significant improvements in the working conditions of the Spanish team are agreed upon. At the moment a five-year agreement has been signed that will pass on to the players a percentage of future sponsorships.


On the same day as the announcement of equal pay between the men’s and women’s soccer teams, the Council of Ministers approved the agreement authorizing the territorial distribution proposal and the distribution criteria of 17.9 million euros between the Autonomous Communities and Cities aimed at promoting equality for women and the inclusion of people with disabilities in sport.

This is a budget item belonging to the Plan for the Promotion of the Sports Sector, the Component of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan aimed at renewing and promoting the Spanish sports ecosystem. Specifically, these almost 18 million are part of the Social Plan for Sport, one of its three axes, which has a total budget of 77 million.

The objective is that the Autonomous Communities and autonomous cities develop different actions to increase the presence and visibility of women in sports and improve the inclusion and equality of people with disabilities in sports. The distribution will be based on criteria such as the total population, the number of people with disabilities, non-university educational centers, regional federations or population density, among others.

With this new investment, more than a third of the 300 million euros provided for in the Recovery Plan for the sports field have already been territorialized: 75 million for the ecological transition of sports facilities; 9 million for the digitalization of the sports ecosystem; and these 17.9 million for the Social Plan.

After the green light from the Council of Ministers, this new line of aid must be signed by the next Sports Sector Conference, which is chaired by Minister Miquel Iceta and brings together the regional councilors responsible for sports.

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