The Scott Cala Bandida scores in the top-10 of the Andalucía Bike Race



The Scott La Bandida riders managed to overcome a series of unfortunate setbacks during the Andalucía Bike Race.

(28-2-2022). The Scott Cala Bandida team fought hard until the end in the third round of the Andalucía Bike Race, managing to reach ninth place overall. This positioning in the top-10 was not easy, since the squad had to overcome several setbacks, which evidenced the great camaraderie between all its members.

From the 21st to the 26th of February, he competed in the Andalucía Bike Race, a scoring event for the UCI Marathon Series. The entire Scott Cala Bandida team met in Jaén to face the first stage, hand in hand with the couples formed by José Mari Sánchez and Francesc Guerra, as well as Sergio Mantecón and Marcos García.

The first stage made clear the fantastic atmosphere and camaraderie that is breathed in the team; proof of this is that Sergio Mantecón and Marcos García did not hesitate, at any time, to stop to assist their teammates, Francesc and José Mari, just when they suffered an untimely breakdown while riding in the leading group.

From that moment a good comeback began that placed them in the top 10 of the general classification, a position that they would not abandon until the last day, when a hard fall by José Mari, a few kilometers from the finish line, made him fear his abandonment, but from the who was finally able to recover and reach the finish line, with not too much time lost. This allowed them to finish in ninth position in the general classification, in a race with an impressive level, which reaffirms the good feelings they were showing in previous races.

In this way, the couple formed by Sergio Mantecón and Marcos García, came to this race with great desire to be able to demonstrate their fitness, but after the impediment of the second stage, the breakdown of their teammates and a hard fall by Marcos García (who made them lose time), forced them to abandon.

In spite of everything, Sergio continued to take the start in all the stages, which has been able to help him pick up the pace, with a view to the next tests.

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