The Rubalcaba website is hacked: “The shadow of 11-M follows you very closely”


A group that identifies itself as anonymous has hacked the website of the socialist candidate for the presidency of the Government, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba,, and they have left him a message warning him that “the shadow of 11-M” follows him “very closely”, as collected by Europa Press.

A photo appeared on the web of several people dressed in the mask of the movie V for Vendetta -which has become a banner of this group of ‘hackers’-, and in which one could read “Happy leaks. We are Anonymous, we are legion “, thus attributing the authorship of the intervention to the website of the former Vice President of the Government.

“Rubalcaba, the shadow of 11-M follows you very closely: ‘The coroner of 11-M declares before the judge that there was no shrapnel in the corpses.’ to the right hand of Cayo Lara (United Left)” is the message they have posted, in which they also warn the Popular Party that they are the following.

Likewise, Anonymous has illustrated the website with a manipulated photo of Rubalcaba in which he appears with a pirate patch and vampire fangs, and they have uploaded a video entitled ‘PerroFlautas – 20-N. No to corrupt politicians’.

At this time, the following message appears on the Rubalcaba website: “Service Unavailable”.

AnonymousAction stands out

For its part, the group of hackers Anonymous, who at first seemed to be behind the attack because of a photo of the mask from the movie V for Vendetta, symbol of the group, posted on the web by those responsible for the hack and on the that could read “Happy leaks. We are Anonymous, we are legion”, has been disassociated. “AnonymousAction has NOTHING to do” assures the group in one of the messages broadcast through its account on the social network Twitter.

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