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The presence of women in the workplace enhances innovation and creativity, says the division manager at Robert Half Chile, Carolina Contreras.

Santiago de Chile.- Exchange of thoughts, attraction and retention of professionals are the main benefits obtained by companies that are committed to gender equality, according to the results of a survey carried out by the specialized recruitment company Robert Half, within the framework of a new commemoration of the Day Women’s International.

43% of those surveyed consider that the main benefit for companies is the exchange of ideas, followed by the attraction and retention of professionals (31%), greater productivity (17%) and greater motivation (10%).

For Carolina Contreras, division manager at Robert Half Chile, the inclusion of more and more women in companies brings many advantages. “Organizations benefit from a number of aspects, which go beyond simple parity numbers between men and women. The presence of women also enhances innovation and creativity, very important issues in the world of work today”, explained the executive.

Among the advantages of greater inclusion of women, the executive highlights a greater amount of available talent, which translates into “different perspectives of analysis of a given situation, which in turn implies better decision-making, more innovation and greater empathy within the team and with customers”.

In the day-to-day of an organization, the presence of women improves collaboration in the team, “injecting a greater dose of soft skills such as the ability to better read non-verbal communication and more resilience and adaptability to overcome adversity, something very contingent with the times we are living in,” he added.

In terms of corporate reputation, companies also gain from having a gender equity strategy, since “the new generations seek to belong to companies that have this type of policy and maintain an organizational culture that promotes gender parity,” Contreras said. “This leads to a higher level of talent attraction and retention, which in the long run helps to strengthen the credibility and corporate reputation of the company,” she added.

Finally, all these advantages also translate into the results of an organization. “Diversity and gender equity produce very positive internal dynamics. When it comes to well-conducted processes, very positive changes are also observed in terms of the work environment, which makes the human team develop at ease, committed to the objectives, but understanding that it is a fundamental link to achieve that achievement. This ultimately leads to better results, where productivity increases and, therefore, profitability as well.

“Given all these arguments, the importance of women in the world of work is unquestionable. The call is for companies to evaluate their objectives and strategies, proposing to incorporate or increase the contribution of women and all the capacity they possess. The talent of women needs opportunities”, concluded the executive of Robert Half.

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