The Junior Catalonia Championship 2022 starts in dry dock



The participants of the 2022 Junior Sailing Skate Championship of Catalonia with their coaches, the president of the Martítim Cubelles Club, Jordi Aránega, and the members of the Regatta Committee.

(24-6-2022). The strong wind, the monumental breaker at times and the sea in the background have led the regatta committee to choose to cancel the holding of the two tests scheduled for today in the 2022 Junior Sailing Skate Championship of Catalonia. In the end, 24 sailors attend the same.

It seems that the Catalan sailing skate championships of this 2022 have the first day jinxed. If in the senior sailing skate, organized at the beginning of the month by the Club Mar i Vent de Canet, the first day was finally left without tests due to the null wind, in the junior sailing skate organized by the Club Maritim Cubelles this weekend, the first day has also been deserted due to excessive wind and sea.

The 24 registered for this edition, the lowest participation of the last five calls, have spent the whole morning waiting for the committee’s decision. At 3:00 p.m., he has decided to cancel the two planned tests due to a security issue. They blew 12 knots with gusts of 15 and the waves of more than two meters at times recorded by the breaker presaged a very difficult exit from land for the participants, as well as a remarkably disturbing entry to the beach.
The committee’s decision has been calmly assumed by the participants and relief among some of them and, above all, among the parents.


In addition to the participants, some of their parents and coaches, the president of the Adipav, Anna Pujol, as well as the general secretary of the Catalan Sailing Federation skate class, Elisenda Vives, attended the first day of this championship.

Also noteworthy is the presence of the Champion of Catalonia, Spain and Europe from the past 2021, Mar Vilardell, who on this occasion has attended as assistant to the coach of the Club Nautic Sitges squad (Àlex Riba Massó). There has also been the ex-Junior, Pau Delclos, winner of the last two heats of the 2022 Championship of Catalonia in the second category of senior sailing skate. Both have wanted to remember the atmosphere of their ‘old days’ in the junior class and encourage the participants of this edition.


On the other hand, as CMDsport has learned, Peco Mulet is the new Secretary General of the junior sail skate class. His official designation was approved by the Catalan Sailing Federation at a meeting held last Monday, June 20.
Peco Mulet, from Club Natacio Badalona, ​​and champion of Spain in senior sailing skate and runner-up in Catalonia in the first category in 2022, has a son (Mateu Mulet) who has recently started sailing junior sailing with the colors of the Club Pati Vela Barcelona.

CHAMPION OF SPAIN 2022 AND RUNNER-UP OF CATALONIA OF 1º 2022. Peco Mulet with his children Bernat, on the left, and Mateu, on the right. Mateu, the oldest, has recently started sailing junior. Perhaps his brother, Bernat, will also be encouraged in the near future. The image was taken in Formentera, after the awards ceremony in which Peco Mulet was proclaimed Champion of Spain in senior sailing skate 2022.

The last time that the junior skate class had an active senior skater who, in turn, was the father of a junior skater, as general secretary of the class was from 2009 to 2017. The one who held the position was Jordi Obach Xifra, of the Club Maritim Cubelles, which, among other aspects, introduced the successful Junior Sailing Skate League.


Peco Mulet now succeeds Víctor Mateos, from Club Maritim El Prat, who has been general secretary of the junior sailing skate from March 2017 to 2022. Mateos is the father of the laureate Jan Mateos, champion of the Junior European Cup 2018. Víctor Mateos agreed to continue as general secretary of the junior sailing class, despite the fact that his son left the class in 2018, following numerous requests from parents of sailors in the class who requested it.


Among the main challenges to be undertaken in the new ‘Mulet era’ would be the reactivation of the Junior Sailing Skate League, as well as the creation of a working group that integrates the junior fleet captains of the clubs with firm activity with this type of boat, its trainers and the fleet captain of said entities.

The aim is also to boost the dissemination of the junior sailing skate to reinforce its consolidation and generate the entry of new sailors into it.


Finally, it is also proposed to analyze formulas that promote an increase in the number of junior skaters who go to the senior sail skate class when they get older.

Examples such as those of Xavier de Cambra, from the Club Nautic Sant Pol; Jordi Obach Rafel, from the Club Maritim Cubelles; Oriol Mahiques, from the Club Nautic Sitges; Pepe Sánchez Runde Gavaldà, from the Club Marítim Altafulla; the Esteba brothers, from the Club Nautic Tamariu; Jordi Dalmau, from the Club Maritim Altafulla; Claudia Sambola, from Club Maritim El Prat and today from Club Pati Vela Barcelona; or Pau Delclos, from the Club Nautic Premià de Mar, among others, are references that reinforce the role of junior sailing skate as a quarry for senior sailing skate, a class that today is very, very alive but that the average age of its members stands at 52 years. Rejuvenating that index is something that, from various circles of the class, is beginning to be considered a priority so that it continues to enjoy its current vigor in the future.

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