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There are currently 37 projects with environmental approval from 2018 to date, in the Coquimbo Region, for a total of 820 million dollars in investment and an installed capacity of 882 MW, among which are Small Distributed Generation Means ( PMGD) with battery bank for energy storage.

Ovalle, Chile.- A technical visit to verify on site the electrical infrastructure of the La Cebada substation, inside the Los Cururos wind farm, in the Ovalle district, was carried out by the Seremi de Energía, María Castillo.

The Ministerial Regional Secretary toured the AES Chile wind complex, with 109.6 MW of installed capacity, which since 2014 has provided clean energy to the National Electric System (SEN). Due to its strategic condition, as it is a trunk security facility, the park has a sub-transmission system whose function is to allow the connection of future renewable generation projects in the Coquimbo Region.

Javier Varas, head of the Los Cururos wind farm, along with assessing the visit of the Seremi de Energía, explained that the La Cebada substation “is classified as an efficiency point to connect new projects here in the area, so we are waiting for some developers who can bring new initiatives and deliver better sustainable generation to the system”.

For her part, the Seremi María Castillo highlighted the possibility of verifying the park on the ground and the level of the professionals in charge. “It was a relevant experience of growth. We found out on the ground what the generation system is like, the equipment and technology used, and the way the substation operates; It was very gratifying and it contributes to knowledge”.

In turn, the authority deemed it necessary to “create clean energy consumption and based on that there will be companies interested in generating renewable energy, whether wind or solar. These systems will contribute to the conservation of the environment and decarbonization, therefore, it will improve people’s quality of life in terms of a cleaner and healthier environment”.

The La Cebada substation has GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) technologies, an encapsulated installation with electrical insulation by means of a special gas. In addition, it has a modular design that uses less space, provides greater safety and reliability, increasing its useful life, among other advances.

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