The impact of AI on copywriting


The incidence of Artificial Intelligence in how we sell products is increasingly evident. Collecting data and being able to transform it into information that affects your descriptions is keyCopywriting must remain vulnerable to the conclusions drawn by AI, taking advantage of its capacity for analysis and conclusions to strategize

Surely you don’t need anyone to explain to you that copywriting is key in marketing and its different strategies. But what impact Artificial Intelligence or AI has on copywriting right now remains for many entrepreneurs and businessmen a question that it is imperative to delve into soon. Basically, because this issue is of vital importance for your marketing tactics to work.

Today, the overabundance of information and the amount of options available to consumers, leads to an explosion in product segmentation and micro-niche marketing, increasingly segmented. From high-end smartphones to salad dressings, there is never a shortage of versions with highly specific features. And that targets a specific customer niche, which represents a clear minority.

That said, for products to stand out in such a competitive environment, companies need every advantage they can get. One way businesses can do this is by using Artificial Intelligence, or AI, to have better copywriting that persuades potential customers quickly and efficiently.

But what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to computer programs designed to replicate human intelligence. These programs are designed to make decisions based on programmed algorithms that replicate the way humans think. So that in almost all cases they should act “like the majority”.

AI programs can, in fact, be trained to recognize patterns. that makes them particularly useful in areas such as customer service and marketing, where algorithms programmed with customer data can be used to make effective decisions on the fly. And without waiting for the human to get involved.

Artificial intelligence has been used in marketing for decades, but technological advances have enabled more sophisticated uses in marketing and a new dimension of the impact of AI in copywriting.

How does AI help with copywriting?

Artificial Intelligence as such is a great asset for copywriting because it can analyze data to extract the relevant information that will help a company sell its products to consumers. By collecting customer data, such as buying patterns, social media interactions, and other data, and analyzing it to make predictions, it can be used with proven success in marketing campaigns.

It can also be applied to product descriptions to create undoubtedly persuasive writing. By analyzing the product, AI can help marketers create takedowns that focus on any features they deem important to information gathering, neglecting any perceived weaknesses.

AI can also help with the creative newsroom process, through software that brings customer interactions across networks, apps, or portals to predict which feature is likely to be of most interest. Thus, the editors can stop at those qualities of the product that will most help its positioning.

The importance of good copywriting in marketing

Good writing is the basis of written marketing. When consumers are considering which product to buy, they often do so based on very subtle differences between similar items, including what is written.

Put another way, if companies want to win over customers, they must do more than simply offer a product that meets their needs: They must offer a product that seems superior to other similar products..

How will the advancement of AI affect marketing and advertising?

The purpose and impact of AI in copywriting is that each marketing action is more productive. The more data that can be collected from customers, the more information there is to leverage in the business.

Y consumers will benefit because they will give marketers more information to use in marketing campaigns, fine-tuning the products they are offered, increasing the likelihood of conversion.


In short, AI can help companies create better, more creative and, above all, more precise marketing. AI can use data from past customer interactions to predict which parts of a product are likely to be appealing. And which parts are least likely to spark interest in them.

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