The four objectives of Fagde for the period 2022-2025



Fernando Paris is the president of Fagde since April 2021

(24-3-2022) Fagde defines the strategic plan that it has approved for the period 2022-2025 in four major objectives. The entity prepares a battery of 30 measures, actions and projects to achieve these challenges.

Fagde defines his goals. The Federation of Associations of Sports Managers in Spain has specified in a strategic plan the main lines that it will develop during the period 2022-2025, the year in which the mandate of the current board of directors, chaired by Fernando Paris, ends.

There are four major goals that Fagde sets for himself over the next four years. The first is to promote and reinforce the stable operation of the regional associations that make it up. The intention of the federation is to delve into the sum of forces of its member associations. Currently there are 12 that remain active (all belonging to multiprovincial communities) and there are unconsolidated groups in
territories such as Cantabria, La Rioja, Navarra, Asturias and Murcia. The wish is that, in the future, they have representation in the 17 autonomous communities of Spain.

The second great challenge is to promote the management and creation of knowledge and training in the sector. The third, to increase the notoriety and visibility of FAGDE in the Spanish sports system, consolidating its role as the main interlocutor of the sports management sector with the different institutions. Finally, they also aspire to improve the internal functioning and management of the federation.

To achieve all these goals, different strategic lines are marked: to establish alliances and agreements with other entities that allow the presence of professionals from the sector in forums and participatory processes; promote the exchange of information and activities among professionals; look at the regional associations, valuing their activity and involving them in the development of actions and competencies of the FAGDE; and attract sponsors to improve financing and, in this way, make possible the constitution of a professionalized management.

30 measures

To achieve all these goals, Fagde has prepared a battery of 30 measures, actions and projects to be developed in the coming years.

To promote the relationship between the regional associations, they will prepare a unified program of Fagde activities with the sum of all those promoted by the associations and will promote a “strong guardianship” in those territories where they do not yet have a consolidated presence.

In terms of training, they will create the Fagde Chair, in sports management, at a Spanish university, and the Fagde brand, to certify master’s and postgraduate degrees in sports management. In addition, they will launch an annual training program made up of training actions from the different associations.

Regarding strategic alliances, the actions agreed with the CSD will be developed, a collaboration agreement will be signed with the COE and other agreements with other entities of the Spanish sports system such as Adesp or the Spanish Commission for the Fight against Doping in Sport.

In addition, they will implement an internal communication plan.

Fagde, which brings together 1,350 members, hopes with these initiatives to consolidate itself as a representative brand of the sector in sports management.

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