The FIP-WPT dispute leads the International Cluster to “rethink” its support for professional padel



Jorge Gómez de la Vega (Starvie) is the president of the managing committee of the International Padel Cluster

(1-4-2022) The International Padel Cluster, made up of 80 brands worldwide, calls on the International Padel Federation and the World Padel Tour to put an end to the uncertainty generated in recent months and clarify various aspects caused after the conflict that arose between both parties.

The main brands in the world of paddle tennis ask the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the World Padel Tour (WPT) to clarify the situation caused by the conflict of interest that arose after the launch of the new circuit of the federation, Premier Padel. Through a letter that the International Padel Cluster has sent to the president of the Association of Professional Players (IPPA), Lucía Sanz, the body shows its concern about a dispute that it considers may put the future of this sport at risk .

CMDsport has had access to the document, in which the Cluster notes that companies operating in the padel industry are experiencing “with great concern” the uncertainty generated by the conflict that arose between the Professional Association of Paddle Players (PPA), World Padel Tour and Premier Padel, the new circuit organized by the FIP and the investment fund Qatar Sports Investment (QSI).

From the Cluster they state that it is not yet known “if the players are going to continue participating in the WPT tests that their contracts oblige them” (signed until the end of 2023). On the other hand, he states that “it is not known what the tests of the circuit organized by the FIP are: neither locations nor dates”. For now, only the tournament that ends tomorrow, the Qatar Major, has been announced.

“It is also not known if a judge will issue precautionary measures preventing players from participating in some of the circuits or in both.” As will be remembered, the players went to the European Commission, while the WPT claims 25 million from them for breaching their contract.

“There is no mention, at any time, of the players, who are also represented by an association and we believe that it is important that their situation and their future on the circuit be clarified.” From the Cluster they warn that “this situation clearly harms the brands that, despite having been sponsoring players and the WPT for years, are not only being ignored in this situation, but also have to make decisions regarding to the expense that they plan to dedicate to paddle tennis in the midst of this uncertainty ”.


For all these reasons, from the International Padel Cluster they formally request clarification from the parties involved in the conflict about their next actions.

They ask the WPT to confirm that it is going to maintain its calendar and demand the participation of its players. To the players, to clarify if they are going to participate in the tests scheduled by the WPT.

To the FIP, to communicate the test calendar with the dates and locations.

And to the three parties, “and especially to the IFJ, which should be acting as an arbitrator and not as a party in this litigation, that they urgently reach an agreement that guarantees the performance of, at least, the tests committed until the date”.

The companies of the Cluster warn that, “in case of not having clear and reliable information on the points mentioned above, the companies that work in this sector and, specifically, the brands that sponsor this sport could rethink their investments in paddle tennis. professional.

In view of these events, and given the need to redirect the conflict, the International Padel Cluster asks the parties for the information referred to above and, in addition, given the seriousness of the matter and the media and economic impact that this entire conflict is having for our sport and for all our companies, it is offered as a meeting point to carry out a meeting between all the parties involved. Meeting in which, obviously, we should also have the presence of the players.


The International Padel Cluster currently represents more than 60 associates of 80 world brands with a turnover of 623 million that directly employ 1,337 workers, after just two years of existence, it makes us a key player for the future of this sport and Therefore, we hope to be able to count on your collaboration to debate, all together, this complex matter.

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