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The demand for clean, efficient and reliable energy has led to the emergence of technology companies that support the energy transition.

Santiago de Chile.- With the aim of reducing the consumption of fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal and oil, which release carbon dioxide when used to generate energy, more and more companies around the world are increasing the use of renewable sources in their arrays. This is called the energy transition.

In this era, a sustainable mindset is mandatory, therefore, it is essential to have gadgets and technological devices capable of generating renewable, clean and reliable energy. EcoFlow, the unicorn of technology and sustainability, arrives in Latin America with its sights set on the market for emergency products, outdoor activities, video and photography production, as well as the public interested in renewable energy, energy solar and clean energy. The company seeks to offer the best solutions for the generation, storage and consumption of energy.

Currently, the energy industry is undergoing an evolution both in terms of consumption and supply. The traditional aspect of the industry is being transformed at the request of consumers, who are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of non-renewable energies.

With a deployment in Latin America, EcoFlow markets its products through authorized and certified distributors in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Venezuela and Colombia. These countries have exclusive digital and physical channels of the brand. Even Argentina can access your items through the distributor in Chile.

The company has developed an ecosystem of innovative products in the energy sector and with the highest technology, which seeks to transform people’s lives by solving the difficulties of access to electricity. Its power stations and ecosystem products allow the user to generate and store clean energy through its solar panels and portable stations. In addition, it allows optimizing the cost of electricity, ensuring that the user can have an intelligent use of the resource.

The RIVER and DELTA line incorporates cutting-edge technology that offers users clean, quiet and renewable energy. On the one hand, the RIVER line is designed for outdoor activities with a capacity of 720W and expandable to 1800W using the X-boost tool. On the other hand, DELTA is used for professional use as power backup with a capacity of 3600W and expandable to 4500W.

The power plants have an innovative design that allows the user to take them anywhere. This feature makes the power stations, along with the recharging systems, perfect for use in outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, hiking, road trips, festivals, concerts, trips to the beach, boat trips and much more. . Battery technology and functionality are perfect for supporting emergencies such as power outages, catastrophic situations such as floods, fires, earthquakes, or other situations where access to electricity is limited, such as scenarios health-related emergencies, in which spaces must be adapted to install medical equipment. Its products are especially in demand for professional use and power reserve.

“Our mission is to empower both people and communities by providing portable, clean and reliable energy. We want to change the use of traditional gasoline generators and reinvent the way the world accesses energy”, says Jenny Zhang, Global Marketing Director of EcoFlow.

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