The EU extends its sanctions to 65 oligarchs and 18 Russian companies


Alina Kavaeba., in a file image.

The list includes Putin’s alleged partner, Alina Kabaeva, and those responsible for the siege of Mariupol and the Bucha massacres

The European Union on Friday formally adopted its sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which includes individual punishments against 65 individuals and 18 companies involved in the invasion of Ukraine. Names of people close to President Vladimir Putin’s circle appear on the “black list”, such as former gymnast Alina Kavaeba, identified as the leader’s lover, as well as high-ranking military and Belarusian commanders.

The sixth round of European sanctions includes, in addition to the oil veto, the freezing of assets and the prohibition of individuals close to the Russian president from entering community territory. Among them is the Olympic athlete Kavaeba, champion in Athens 2004 and member of the Russian Parliament (Duma), who is credited with a “close link” with Putin. The Kremlin, however, has repeatedly denied that they are in a relationship.

The EU list also contains the names of 45 senior officials of the Russian Armed Forces. Among them is that of Azatbek Omurbekov, called ‘the butcher of Bucha’, and that of General Mijail Mizintsev, responsible for the offensive against Mariupol. The initial proposal of the European Commission also included Patriarch Kirill, leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, among the individuals who were going to be warned, but his name had to be withdrawn due to the risk that Hungary would end up vetoing the entire punishment package. .

Of the 18 Russian companies sanctioned, the majority carry out their activity in the Defense sector, which is key for the Russian Army. With the EU sanctions, European citizens and companies will be prohibited from investing in them. In total and since Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014, Europe has applied sanctions against 1,158 people and 98 Russian entities.

Meanwhile, in the last few hours, information has emerged again about the alleged precarious state of health of the Russian leader. The American magazine ‘Newsweek’, citing as sources three members of the US intelligence services who apparently had access to recently declassified reports, pointed not only to an alleged assassination attempt on Putin last March, a handful of weeks later of the onslaught on Ukraine, but received treatment for serious cancer a month later, in April.

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