The Edible Planet Summit: in Umbria, the first world summit dedicated to food


From sustainable food production to food wastefrom the loss of biodiversity to climate changesfrom animal welfare to good eating habits: ours has been in the last decade relationship with food has changed dramatically and the agri-food system it must respond to momentous challenges to ensure healthy products with a low environmental impact to one global population increasing.

From the need to discuss these issues globally and to do it in a new way, the first world meeting dedicated to food: from 16 to 19 September, in Umbria, it will take place The Edible Planet Summitan event that will bring together one hundred and fifty international experts (representatives of industry and agriculture, of NGOs, of institutions such as the FAO, and then politicians, influencers, researchers) who will work together for three days to define concrete strategies and guidelines with the aim of guiding the current food system towards a more sustainable model.

Sharon Cittone, creator of the summit: “We need a food system that regenerates the planet, it is no longer time to delay”

The event was conceived by Sharon Cittone, founder of Edible Planet Ventures, a holistic platform where stakeholders of the global food chain can share know-how, resources and best practices. “Today, an increasing number of people embrace new ways of consumption, guaranteeing the transition to a new economic and cultural paradigm”, explains Cittone, defined by Forbes one of the most influential women in the world in shaping the future of food. “This mobilization brings with it the idea of ​​a radically different food system from the current one. A system that regenerates the planet, that restores people their dignity and promotes the health of all. And on a planet with nine billion people to feed, the challenges are many and can no longer be postponed. I would say that innovating is very important and it is not simply the innovation of the product, but of the whole agri-food process, from the transformation in terms of logistics to packaging, to the great climatic challenges. It is no longer time to delay ».

The Edible Planet Summit, an unconventional convention to elaborate a document of concrete actions for change

The Edible Planet Summit si pone come new formatas a “Regenerative withdrawal” more than a summit. “The critical issues facing the agri-food system are complex and so are the relative solutions. The fragmentation of knowledge helps to add fuel to the fire and slow down real progress. Every self-respecting state and multinational has put food security among its priorities, defining its own guidelines and sustainability objectives. The truth is that the problems are of such magnitude that no one can do it alone. We need an approach that looks at the problems of the current model of food production and consumption from several points of view ”.

Agri-food supply chains are complex systems that require one innovative vision and a collaborative approach to deal with all the nerves that the pandemic before and the Ukrainian conflict have now uncovered. For this, the participants of the summit will be involved in a mosaic of incontri one-to-oneco-design activities, workshops, immersive experiences and networking. About twenty will be organized work tables divided by theme which will address all aspects of the food chain such as regenerative agriculture, food waste, nutrition and health, food sovereignty, first in a restricted discussion at each table, then in an exchange of ideas between the various groups. The synthesis work will be the realization of the Edible Planet Charter which – they say – is not a manifesto of ideas, but a document of concrete actions.

“We need dialogues, not monologues, we need to change our actions, build deep relationships and support each other’s efforts. Only if we are able to work together, armed with ambition and creativity, will these efforts pay off. Our Charter will be the result of a holistic approach, which involves all the players in the supply chain. It will not be dropped from above and decisions will not be made only by governors or CEOs of large corporations, but will also involve the grassroots, starting with those who produce the food. Finally, ours will be a Charter not of principles, on which we all agree, but of concrete guidelines to implement the change we all wish for the next day ». Among the participants in the event Hunter Lovinsenvironmentalist author of Natural Capitalism e Nathalie Kelley, actress and ambassador of Kiss the Ground, a movement committed to spreading regenerative agriculture.

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