The ‘disasters’ persist in the Bertran Mar 2022 Trophy in Badalona



CROSS AND HEAD Joaquim Roig, skipper of the ‘Koki’ had a tails and heads weekend. While on Saturday he committed a premature start, on Sunday he managed to be the winner of the sleeve.

(18-5-2022). The Bertran Mar 2022 Trophy in Badalona is being historic. Last weekend there were 14 skaters who did OCS, in Saturday’s race, and in Sunday’s race there were 16 sailors out of time. The provisional leader is the second, Miquel Alsina.

If in the Saturday test of the Trofeu Bertran Mar 2022 of the Badalona Swimming Club two weeks ago, 38% of its participants committed premature start, in that of last Saturday, May 14, the rate of sailors classified with OCS rose to 56% and that the number of participants in that race was higher, reaching 25 sailors.

As explained to CMDsport by the skaters of said entity, Ferran Gubern and Joaquim Roig, that disaster at the start of last Saturday was after a failed start. In the second, due to the strong easterly current, even more powerful than the 8-knot garbi that was blowing, many skippers were unable to retain their boat and the current ended up precipitating their premature departure.

The only sailor who was penalized was Albert Batlleriá but Gubern and Roig were in the group of 14 skaters with OCS.

Albert Batlleriá’s decision to penalize himself ended up favoring the skipper of the ‘Milu’ who was the first to turn the buoy on the first beat. Batlleriá would finally be the winner of that test on Saturday, while the second place would go to Lea Sitjá and the third to Joan Plana. The first to enter the second category would be Frank Heudiard who would classify fourth overall.


After the collapse of more than half the fleet in the Saturday test, a new ‘sweep’ would be registered again on Sunday that would affect 73% of the 22 participants.

On this occasion, the ‘epidemic’ would not be from OCS (no premature departure was recorded) but would be caused by a great calm.

The sleeve developed normally during the first beat, again with garbi of about 8 knots. The first to pass the buoy was again Albert Batlleria who did so with a great advantage. After him passed Pere Crespo, second; Miquel Estruch, third; Jordi Servat, fourth…


In the first pitch the entire fleet fell into a large hole without wind and, later in that same section, a northerly wind of about two knots entered.

The calm and subsequent role led to changes of positions in the pass of buoy two so that the triad that surpassed her in the lead was made up of Pere Crespo, first; Carles Crespo, second; and Joaquim Roig, third.

Behind them passed Jordi Servat, Gregorio Contreras, Ferran Gubern…

After passing that buoy 2, the usual pitch had turned into a close-hauled one, although as the participants advanced through that section, the wind would roll again, returning to a garbi of about 2-3 knots.


Those bosses who supported the eastern side the most were the main winners because they did not suffer the new calm in the zones suffered by those who did not bet on that side.

In the end, the first to cross the finish line, located at buoy 1, that is, at the conclusion of the triangle, was Joaquim Roig. The second to enter would be the second Gregori Contreras, while the also second Xavier Recasens would enter third. Fourth place would go to Carles Crespo; the fifth for Miquel Alsina, and the sixth for Ferran Gubern.

After those six skaters, no more would enter during the 20 regulation minutes after the arrival of the first classified. Up to 16 sailors were left out of time.

After the first three races disputed, the second Miquel Alsina leads the absolute provisional with 20 points. The second is Albert Batlleriá, with 29 points; and the third, Joaquim Roig, with 30.

Provisional classification of the Trofeu Bertran Mar 2022 at Club Natació Badalona, ​​after the dispute of three sleeves.

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