The Club Nàutic Sitges announces its Copes d’Or 2022


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FIRST-CLASS PODIUM OF 2021. The Copes d’Or 2021 edition had three cracks of the class as components of the first-category senior skate-to-glider podium. From left to right: Jaume Llobet, five-time European Cup champion; Jordi Aránega, runner-up in Spain twice in a row (2021 and 2022) and Julián Vinué, ranked third in the 2022 Spanish Championship. While Llobet had already won his awards at that time (last 2021), both Aránega and Vinué have completed them this 2022.

(5-18-202). The Club Nàutic Sitges announces a new edition of its traditional Copes d’Or that will be held on the weekend of May 28 and 29. Senior, junior, catamaran and monoship sailors can participate in the trophy.

Registration for the Copes d’Or 2022 organized by the Club Nàutic Sitges is free and must have been formalized within the regulatory period, which expires on May 28 at 12 noon.

Registration for les Copes d’Or 2022 can be made online.

The organization has planned to hold four sleeves, at the rate, initially, of two per day. If the four planned heats are completed, the participants will be able to discard their worst result.

The trophy will be valid even when only one event is played.

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This will be the last level regatta prior to the celebration of the 2022 Championship of Catalonia that will be held under the organization of the Club Mar i Vent Canet de Mar from June 4 to 6. It is likely that in this edition of the Copes d’Or there will be recognized first category skaters from the organizing entity such as Julián Vinué, Yannick Márquez or Berni Wunderling, as well as second category skaters such as Elisenda Vives or Ricard Plaza.

It could also be that sailors from other neighboring clubs attended as has happened in previous editions. Relevant sailors from this area are the sailors from the Club de Mar Sitges, Jaume Llobet and Xavier Roca, as well as from the Club Marítim Cubelles, Jordi Aránega or Jordi Obach Rafel.

All this allows us to predict that, once again, this edition of the Sitges Copes d’Or constitutes a magnificent training session prior to the aforementioned Senior Sailing Skate Championship of Catalonia the following week.


In last year’s edition, the first category winner was the sailor from Club Marítim Cubelles, Jordi Aránega, while Julián Vinué, from Club Nàutic Sitges, took second place, and Jaume Llobet, from Club de Mar Sitges, third. .

The victory in the second category fell to Elisenda Vives, from Club Nàutic Sitges, followed by her teammate Ricard Plaza. Third place in that category went to the Valencian sailor, Vicente Pastor.

The absolute winner in the junior sailing skate was the local sailor, Marc Vilardell.

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