The circularity of water use and decarbonization are the way forward for 2050 – Awdhesh







With a correct application of policies that seek to reduce the climate impact and promote the transition towards green energies, they could save up to 5 billion dollars in public spending in 10 years.

Mexico City.- The decarbonization of the planet is one of the global goals that countries have set themselves to meet by 2050. Decarbonization is defined as the process of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere with the aim of achieving a global economy with low emissions that achieves climate neutrality through the energy transition. When an entity or country develops a plan to decarbonize the economy, it is implementing a series of actions and measures focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The decarbonization of the economy is a great opportunity to improve air quality and create a better life. There needs to be an energy transition that removes carbon from energy production to achieve decarbonization and obtain clean alternative energies that emit only what the planet can absorb.

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions achieved the reduction of nearly 230,000 MT CO2 in Latin America in 2021 in partnership with various industries such as the automotive, energy, food and beverage, petrochemical, agricultural and consumer goods industries, equivalent to the consumption emissions of 120 million liters of gasoline in a year, through the application of solutions for the optimization of boiler discharges, the elimination of water loss in cooling towers, online monitoring, application of chemical treatment programs for water treatment and elimination of biofilm and advanced technologies for the regeneration and reuse of water.

Another path that SUEZ promotes to accelerate decarbonization is in the production of green energy through the management of sludge and biogas from solid and liquid waste, that is, a water treatment plant is transformed into a power generation plant, becoming energy self-sufficient, exporting electricity to the national grid and also generating fertilizer rich in nitrogen and other valuable components for the soil.

A correct application of climate and clean energy policies would bring enormous benefits to the economy in Mexico. According to the report issued by the World Resources Institute (WRI), it has been projected that there could be a saving of 5 billion dollars in public spending over the next 10 years and it is estimated that more than 25,000 lives between now and 2030, thanks to improvements in the quality of the air that current and future generations would breathe.

Looking ahead to 2030, SUEZ is committed to preserving the planet and the environment, reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 45% and helping industries

various sectors to eliminate the emission of 20 million tons of CO2 per year. Such is the case with Danone in Irapuato and L’Oréal in Xochimilco, which have implemented concrete actions in terms of sustainability and circularity of water in partnership with SUEZ, achieving the reuse of more than 550 cubic meters per day, mentions the director of Marketing and Communication of SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Diego Araque.

It is necessary for Mexico to develop plans that include forceful and effective climate actions within the sectors of the economy and can be financed by both public, private and government sectors, in this way SUEZ becomes a strategic partner that helps with innovative solutions and resilient for water management, promoting recycling, mineral recovery, waste recovery and promoting the circular economy with the implementation of new sustainable economic models that respect the environment and promote the reuse of wastewater.

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