The Carrasco saga returns to rule in the Furest 2022 Trophy thanks to Oriol Carrasco



Oriol Carrasco, winner of this 2022 edition, has just added his name to the list of winners of the Trofeu Furest, while Anna Pujol, a sailor whom Oriol Carrasco himself has acknowledged that he admired in her beginnings as a sailboat sailor, was tied on points with him. Anna Pujol, ranked second in this call, is the skater who has won this emblematic award the most times: 7 times.

(10-8-2022). Oriol Carrasco is the third Carrasco generation to win the emblematic Trofeu Furest de Sant Pol de Mar. With this, the Carrasco saga has become the one with the most victories in this award (6). The winner of the second category was Albert Kirchner. 27 senior sailing skates took part.

Seventeen years after Xavier Carrasco’s victory in the Trofeu Furest 2005, his son, Oriol Carrasco, has been the winner of this emblematic and long-standing award that last weekend disputed its 62nd edition at the Club Nautic Sant Pol de Mar , with Xavier Crespo acting as the top official of his regatta committee.

Oriol Carrasco is the third generation of the Carrasco saga to win the Trofeu Furest and, likewise, the sailor from the Club Nautic Sant Pol who once again entered the award for the entity, seventeen years after his father did. With the victory of Oriol, the Carrascos registered their last name up to six times in the list of winners, after Ramon Carrasco Acemar did it in the first edition of the Furest Trophy in 1961, and then Xavier Carrasco Nualart did it in the editions of 1995, 1996 , 2001 and 2005.

Oriol Carrasco, who this year has left, at the age of 26, the unofficial status of senior sub25 first category skater, confirms the progression that a series of young skippers are leading in the class and that reinforces their projection as rejuvenators of the sail skate class, as well as the generational change in it. Oriol Carrasco is also a record example of a skating family saga, since the first skater of the lineage was his great-grandfather, the ill-fated Manel Carrasco Formiguera, shot by the Franco regime on April 9, 1938. Carrasco Formiguera was the one who wore the first sailing skate to Sant Pol de Mar, along with his friend Sixte Cambra, in the summer of 1931, after a journey that began at the Club Natacio Barcelona. The ‘caganiu’, Oriol Carrasco, then, is the fourth generation skater of the Carrasco saga, a fact that, for now, constitutes a record in the class since it supposes a link of, at least, 91 years of a family with the skate to candle.


This edition of the Trofeu Furest 2022 has led to the Club Nautic Sant Pol and the Club Natacio Barcelona being ‘twinned’ on the podium, since the champion of this call, Orión Carrasco, and the runner-up, Anna Pujol, have been tied for three points.

The dominance of both sailors was irrevocable in this Trofeu Furest 2022, since Pujol was the winner of last Saturday’s heat, while Oriol entered the second. The patron saint of the ‘Vol de nit’ caressed for a day the possibility of reinforcing her record in the trophy by adding its eighth edition.

However, the following day, Sunday, the tables would change between Oriol Carrasco and Anna Pujol and the skipper of the ‘Caganiu’ would be the first to cross the finish line, while Anna Pujol would enter second. Carrasco’s victory in the last round would undo the tie in his favor and he would be the winner of this edition, registering his name for the first time in the award winners.

Third place in the test on Saturday would go to Xavier Carrasco, while third place on Sunday would go to Rafel Farres, from Club Mar i Vent Canet de Mar.


The winner of the second category in Saturday’s race would be Josep Bosch, from Club Mar i Vent Canet, who would enter ninth overall, while on Sunday, the winner of the second category would be Albert Kirchner, who would manage to enter a creditable fifth place in the general, which would lead him to conquer the victory in the second category of this edition, classifying the seventh of the general.


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